Sam Miller

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,035
  • 42 Storms Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA - McGinley Square
    Can you please remove this tree stump so that we could potentially have a tree planned there? on Storms Ave just north of Howard Place. thank you
  • 298-308 Montgomery St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    This silver Ford Focus (S76 GEA) is blocking my driveway, and 2/3 of the car is in a no parking zone. Can you please come ticket/tow.
  • Address Unavailable - Downtown
    12" sinkhole getting worse daily at northwest corner of Jersey and Mercer. This was probably caused by work Suez did at the site on 12/20/17 (I have a picture of them working from that day). The sinkhole looks as though it's going to fall through and either take a child or car tire with it. Please send Suez or someone out to fix it asap! Thank you.
  • 112 Mercer Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Thank you to DPW for installing new stop signs in both directions of Jersey Ave at Mercer today! Could you please follow up by painting stop lines on the road short of the crosswalks so cars know where to stop and to make it even more apparent that this is a new 4-way stop intersection? Thank you.
  • 473 Jersey Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Someone dumped 20 bags of garbage on some kind of freight card in front of my building on Montgomery just west of Jersey Ave. This may or may not be related to the other issues reported today where the trash pickup crew tossed trash from one side of the street to the other last night. Could you please send someone to pick up this unsightly mound of trash bags currently on Montgomery and Jersey. Thank you.
  • 179 Summit Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - McGinley Square
    Large London Plains tree in front of 176 Summit Ave has 5 huge branches/logs which are no longer attached to the tree and are going to fall at any minute onto cars or pedestrians. This is a very dangerous situation and could kill a child. Please send a very tall cherry picker ASAP! Thyis is a city tree on city property. I am trying to help you avoid a lawsuit when it falls. Thanks.
  • 290-300 Montgomery St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
  • 473 Jersey Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The lanes and arrows on the ground at intersection of Montgomery and Jersey are not readable, and motorists frequently beep at each other because both lanes will go straight eastbound on Montgomery even though two lanes reduce to one as one is a left turn only lane. Because motorists can't see this, they don't realize it. See attached picture.
  • 317 Barrow St Jersey City, Nj - Downtown
    Wires Down on Barrow between Wayne and Columbus