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  • Traffic Issue Archived
    72nd St N 5th ave to 9th ave, Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    I see that the city is putting in some ugly speed hump signs, to be followed by ugly speed humps. This where the city built the beautiful little traffic calmers a few years past. So the fine traditiion of beautiful to ugly continues in our once fine city. The majority of us in the neighborhood, anecdotally, do not want these uglies! Please fire the people responsible for these atrocities, and hire people who will help pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as keeping traffic flowing.
  • Traffic Issue Acknowledged
    72nd St.N Between 5th Ave.N And 9th Ave.N ditto for 74th st.n, Saint Petersburg, Florida - Eagle Crest Homeowners Association
    Speed humps again? Most of us in the area of the soon to be installed humps don't want them! Some were pulled years ago by neighborhood complaints. The current head of streets apparently wants to get the ax like his predecessor. Why not put a little energy into protecting cyclists and pedestrians? Fire these bureaucrats!
  • 7138 9th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Azalea Homes Community Association
    Paint the divider on 72nd st n at 9th ave n with reflective paint! Why don't the people in streets do these simple things without being prodded?
  • 7220 6th Ave.N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Azalea Homes Community Association
    Second report on same problem. Does anyone read and act on these issues? This repeat is for a tv left for months on the easement in front of 7220 6th ave.n.
  • 7233 6th Ave.N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Azalea Homes Community Association
    A junk tv has been in the easement for months.