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  • 52721 Parkrose Wynd Rosedale, British Columbia - Fraser Valley D
    A mature birch tree just inside the Pokum Wetland fence line was damaged in a wind storm over 1 year ago. There are a couple of limbs broken yet still dangling that will likely fall at some point. I have a concern that someone under the tree, particularly children adventuring into the park, may do so at an inopportune time when the broken limbs may fall. I have contacted Fraser Valley Regional District parks office in Chilliwack on this matter. They have indicated that they will assess this issue.
  • 52842 Parkrose Wynd Rosedale, British Columbia - Fraser Valley D
    There are 2 more street light not working on Parkrose Wynd. In total there are 4 street lights not working on Parkrose Wynd.
  • Gray Rd & Yale Rd East popkum, British Columbia - Fraser Valley D
    The street light at the intersection of Gray Rd and Yale Rd east has not been working for several weeks. This is a safety concern on dark/rainy nights when turning in to Rose Garden Estates neighbourhood from Yale Rd east.
  • 52790 Parkrose Wynd Fraser Valley D, British Columbia - Fraser Valley D
    There are 2 street lights that are not working on Parkrose Wynd. The 2 lights are located adjacent Popkum Wetland on Parkrose Wynd.
  • 3227 144 Street Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey

    This problem is known by City of Surrey but their hands are tied on scheduling repairs since they rely on BC Hydro to do the repair. BC Hydro apparently has a large backlog. I am told that BC Hydro tries to fix intersection street lights within 10 days. This problem is taking months to have repair.

    This is a very dark and busy intersection with both cars and local pedestrians. It is very much a safety issue and needs to be fixed more urgently.

    Please call the city of Surrey traffic department Street Light Coordinator at 604 591 4334 if you share this concern.

  • 3248 141a St Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    More regular upkeep needed.
  • 14102-14202 33 Ave Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Streetlight at 14160 33 Ave does not stay on.
  • Crescent Rd Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Signal at King George & Crescent Rd not changing properly. Light seemed to only change to green for Crescent Rd entering King George Highway when a car passenger stepped out to press the crosswalk button.
  • 14647 32 Avenue Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    I noticed that the city is has placed a new traffic speed indicator on the light post at 146St on 32 Avenue. It has not yet been turned on. I question if this is still a good place for this traffic calming device since it is immediately after traffic has been slowed down going around the new tight traffic circle. On the other hand there is no similar traffic speed indicator further west on 32 Avenue in the dip between 144 St and 140 St. Traffic often speeds down that straight stretch aided by the down hills on either end. Perhaps this traffic speed indicator would be better placed along this further west part of 32 Avenue.
  • 14257-14299 32a Ave Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey

    There is a low spot in the trail path north of 33 ave that is completely flooded during periods of heavier rain. It can remain flooded even after the rain stops. The path needs better drainage and/or elevation.


  • 14695 -14701 32 Avenue Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey

    147 Street north of the 32 Avenue traffic circle is frequently flooded almost entirely curb to curb. The drains in the low spot on either side of 147 street are not functioning properly.

    147st is now used frequently to connect to shops at 148st and 33 ave when traveling to/from west of 147st and 32 avenue traffic circle. Even though the area is still under new home construction, the street needs to be maintained properly and timely.

  • 14027-14087 33b Avenue Surrey, BC V4P 3L6, Canada - Surrey

    14077 33B Avenue light has not worked for more than 3 months.

    Fred Eves

  • 3252-3328 143 Street Surrey, BC V4P 3L9, Canada - Surrey