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  • 128 Mercer St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown

    There are posted signs up and down Mercer Street from 126 Mercer onwards on the North side of the street STAPLED into the trees.


    We have been around this bush time and time again the no signage is to be STAPLED into trees. ONLY TAPED.

    And here the signs were stapled by the DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND FORESTRY. 201-547-4449


    To boot we have discussed with City Officials that no Tree work is to be begun without coming to the residents and detailing what is to be accomplished.

    To the NEW FORESTERS hired by the city. Please contact the District 28 Ward F Committee persons before any work begins

  • 328 Montgomery Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    This location has repeated to not follow compliance with C of O and is continuing to use the facilities without having been issued a C of O.

    Since only one image can be uploaded along with the issue report ... attached is an image of the two men inside the location. There are other images of the truck and doorway opened.

    It would be preferred in the future to be able to upload multiple images to better illustrator the report.

  • 328 Montgomery Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    This location does not have a legal C of O to operate a food business. They are doing just that. Using the kitchen of an unopened restaurant to prepare food. They are consistently inside the building .... getting deliveries .... preparing food ... putting their garbage out .... (not at regular pickup days)
  • 119 Mercer Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    Seems the trash collectors were in a hurry last night or early this am. They didn't empty one of my garbage cans. Down the block there was trash under a car. Plus one of my neighbors further down the street have to clean up what was left from ripped bags and unfortunately glass.

    since only one image is possible to upload I've chosen the uncollected trash can

  • 119 Mercer Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    Last night, Sunday, the scheduled garbage collection changed from around 11pm to 9:30.

    This in the Van Vorst Park Area.

    Without notice.

    In addition to the time change, the collection company sent ahead personnel to empty the garbage cans into the street. Mainly by throwing the garbage bags to the street between or along side parked cars.

    That created lots of unnecessary noise and confusion and additional street trash.

    Most people were not aware of the time change and had less notice to put their garbage out.

    Please advise exactly why this change occurred without notice and how the city intends to either first notice residents if this is a permanent change or notify the Waste Management Company to go back to the approved time for pick up.

  • 119 Mercer Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    several weeks ago, this same issue was reported.

    That of the pedestrian sign missing from Mercer & Jersey. Nothing has happened and the sign is still missing.

    The pedestrian sign at Wayne & Jersey has been damaged.

    These are consistently two dangerous intersections.

    For whatever reason are the lag in response, please correct and do response with placing the signs

  • Mercer And Jersey Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    Monday.. (04.17) the pedestrian yield sign was located in the crosswalk at Mercer & Jersey. This morning (04.19) the sign has disappeared.

    We have waited a year to get the sign placed and would like to know why it has been removed.

    We want it back!!

  • Varick And Montgomery Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The Solar operated trash can at the corner of Varick and Montgomery on the North/East corner is open and just stuffed with trash falling out on to the sidewalk (see image) and needs to be cleaned out and closed
  • City Signage Archived
    186 Newark Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    City Signage down located in front of Bank of America
  • 511 And 513 Jersey Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Both building have not shoveled as of 2:45 pm Wednesday afternoon, following the Tuesday snow storm
  • Newark Avenue Corner Of Jersey Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    This is rather NOT to report an issue, but to report a THUMBS UP after meeting two inspectors working at the corner of Newark and Jersey Ave in front of the Jemma Loan.

    Thanks for being on the streets

  • 123 Mercer Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    Why do we always have to have this issue. If it is not PSEG, it's the actual city department that does not pay attention to the Rule

    this time it is the
    Division of Parks and Forestry



    I do not understand why again and again, this rule is not followed

  • 119 Mercer Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Can you contact whomever is responsible and have the JC City website updated with the new contact info for the interim WARD F Council Person
  • Construction Archived
    258 Montgomery Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    should not there have been a traffic sign for detour and police person hired to direct traffic. Not only blocking traffic but the dirt from the digging was placed on the sidewalk stoop high. No one was directing.