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  • Camping Acknowledged
    Southcenter Blvd. & Macadam Road Hill Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    Someone is back again camping just off the nature trail and right next to the fence of Pyramid Pointe Apartments. They're storing some bedding items , a baby stroller, and other miscellaneous things. This is the second or third time this has happened. Is there any way possible to cordoned this area and keep them from settling in there?
  • Camping Acknowledged
    Southcenter Blvd. & Macadam Road/Top Of Stairs On Corner Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    Campers are storing their sleeping gear in tree area next to public trail at top of stairs on Macadam Road, next to fence in front of Pyramid Pointe Apartment Complex. This is the second or third time this has happened.
  • 152nd & 57th South Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    At the intersection between 152nd and 57th S. the stairways going north up the hill are covered over with bushes. The stairway at the south end of 57th S. the stairs are also blocked by overgrowth.
  • Southcenter Blvd. & Macadam Road Corner Stairway Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    At the top of the stairway at Southcenter Blvd & Macadam Road, there is constant leakage from some black rubber or plastic piping that leads down the hill to the street drain. It is washing away a lot of the small hill that it's coming from. It's leaking is also washing away the dirt around it.This location has nothing to do with the location shown on your map.
  • Macadam Road/The Peaks Condos And Lavista Apts. Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    The run off of rainwater has washed away a lot of the gravel and has created a long drainage trough that stretches from the La Vista Apts all the way down to The Peaks Condos. The black tarp underneath is wearing out and should be covered back up with fresh gravel before the entire trail is washed away. This is located on the side of both apartment buildings.
  • Macadam Road & Southcenter Boulevard Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    A tenant at The Peaks condominiums on Macadam Road is throwing the trimmings of branches from their garden onto the hillside. The reason for knowing it belongs to them is because the branches are a reddish color and no one else has a bush that color. The people from these apartments and La Vista are throwing garbage from their balconies. The trimmings are located directly across from where the bush is.
  • Southcenter Blvd. & Macadam Road Hillside Tukwila/King, Washington - Tukwila
    Near the top of the hillside there are some heavy duty garbage bags torn open along with a Target shopping cart. There are other places on the hill that need cleaning also. There's the stairs leading down to Southcenter Blvd. Plenty of garbage and debris on those too, especially on the sides of the stairs.
  • Southcenter Boulevard Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    There are large garbage bags tossed into bushes on Macadam Road hillside. Atop the hill are shopping cart, bicycles and baby stroller stashed behind bushes. Homeless person is probably returning to reclaim sleeping area.
  • 5811 S. 152nd Place Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    Can anything be done about the gravel that is being washed away by the rains on the trail that resides in front of LaVista Apts. & The Peaks Condominiums on Macadam Road. It's been washed away right down to what looks like a black tarp and covers a good amount of the trail.
  • 5811 S 152nd Place Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    The garbage and debris is building up again and littering the area on both sides of the stairs that are located on the corner of Macadam Road & Southcenter Blvd. There's also unwanted clothing that has been left.
  • 5811 S 152nd Place Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    Why doesn't the owner and management of my apartment complex have to comply to bushes and such to being and remaining a certain height? Why can't there be a law that instructs apartment owners to take better care and upkeep of their property? Aren't there any city laws enforcing them to do so? There should be a law and if they don't adhere to it, then they should pay a formidable fine.
  • Camping Archived
    S.152nd And Macadam Road Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    The person who was camping next to the public trail on the Macadam Road hillside is back. He's a black person , short and dressed in a black and red checkered jacket seen pushing a stroller with a suitcase in it. He's got a second stroller in his camp on the hillside. It's also the same person I witnessed looking inside of parked cars at LaVista Apartments parking lot. He's probably the cause of most of the car thefts in the area.
  • Camping Archived
    152nd And Macadam Road Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    It's a strong possibility that the theft going on in the neighborhood is related to the homeless that are camped out in the nearby wooded area. These homeless should be driven out of the vicinity. They're nothing but trouble. Crime rate will probably decrease if the problem is arrested. No pun intended.
  • S 152nd Place #205 Tukwila, Washington - Burien
    On Macadam Road & SouthCenter Blvd. people are camping on the hillside and next to the trail up above. Human excretement was found also next to the trail. Their garbage is gradually increasing and they don't look like they're leaving soon. This is the 2nd time these people have used this as camping grounds.
  • Camping Archived
    City Trail On Southcenter Blvd & Macadam Road Next To Pyramid Pointe Apts. Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    Transient is back and is hanging their laundry all over. This area should be permanently blocked as not to let anyone in again.