Patsy Ann Dixon

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 875
  • Graffiti Archived
    2772 Route 66 Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Robert Brown is using this "town", if you will, to send out these messengers, if you will, to campuses like this one where I am at typing this report, so to speak, so that Morrissette, if you will, can tell all that I am reporting them, not, but, telling them to KILL thee if they see Me headed towards American Bar, so help me God. Amen and Amen.
  • Interstate 40 Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    There's a little dead puppy dog on the west side of the highway overpass near the entry or offramp exit. They have been there for a while.
  • Aztec And 2nd Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Roseanne Morrissette through the Library's computer technician, with the Help of the Mayor, Jackie McKinney are here in Albuquerque, N.M. now trying to enter this into their own computer system, so, as to "pretend" that they are I, so to speak, so help thee God. Amen and Amen.
  • Miyamura Opas Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Not a nuisance, but, I believe a killed animal by the railroad tracks east of the Miyamura Overpass. Little brown animal has been there for a while and appears bloated. It is too sad. I have seen Him there and keep meaning to report, but, have been unfortunately, distracted.
  • 451 S. Boardman Ave. Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    I went to Grandpa's Grill the other day just after Morrissette and it's two (2) Friends, so to speak, came back from Aspen sneaking around trying to find out why I was allowed to stay in a sanctuary of God. The Priest there was very Kind.
  • Boardman Drive Gallup, New Mexico - McKinley County
    He is Allowing all to See thine sole Police Reports, not, but, the Actual Written Reports, Not, but the FAKE ID portion of HIS personally Written Reports, Not, But, The Blake Dobbo's Address is Now Sunny Dooley's Place, as well, so help me God. Amen.
  • 285 Boardman Drive Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Katie or such of the Humane Society did not properly report this dead animal, so to speak, and it is still there in front of the jail and/or such at Boardman, so help me God. It is near an light pole directly in front of the jail and/or the such, so help me God. It is getting destroyed or the kitten is still there where someone place it from the street. It is getting old.