Baba Bob Shipman

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 27,455
  • 1242 S 5th St Philadelphia 19147, United States - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    This happens often 500 blocks 500 titan street 19147, the rear end of cars force disabled wheelchair bound pedestrians, infants in coaches to walk out into busy north bound 5 the street. Also, cars vans trucks must navigate a residential curb, then a tree, then mirror of own and parked car illegal, pls ticket warn or tow
  • 610 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    Car non handicapped parked between signs unable to discharge wheel chair bound resident
  • 1600 East Moyamensing Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Club has 10-15 chairs for trash we meet 15 times a week
  • 513 Titan St Philadelphia Pa 19147 - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Builders need utilities piping installed, left huge 6' x 12" hole in middle of the block, cars and trucks must drive on residents pavement to trav light of the block , safety hazard
  • 526 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Today we rode to pay bills and sight see, on the way home I could hardly keep up philly has streets like Pine and Spruce streets with bike lanes and I taught him STOP signs we brought bells to ring when passing people he posed with folks all over he taking pictures with his phone
  • 400 Catharine Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Queen Village
    Where children cross to and from school
  • 513 Dickinson Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    It's a bus route and near a busy intersection
  • 517 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Workers normally do a great job but today they missed a row of homes 521-529 Titan at 19147
  • Pot holes Archived
    2051-2099 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Rittenhouse Square
    Series of pot hots deep
  • Abandon Car Archived
    528 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    1998 Toyota LE Red 4 door, expired tags and regustration, has a flat tire, safety hazard school children passing it plays on it
  • 534 South 4 Th St 19147 - Queen Village
    Two sets of barricades used on 4 th south has been laying in pedestrian walk way, safety hazard heavy foot traffic, local business fronts and near trash pick ups. 3PPD
  • Safety hazard near corner where seniors and elementary students walk
  • 1301 1 Commerce Square Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista
    Broken side walk and open drain route of seniors and school children a serious safety hazard
  • Pot hole Archived
    614 South Liethgow St 19147 - Queen Village
    Safety issue busy street behind Jim's Steaks and U S postal service branch
  • 330 Bainbridge Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Queen Village
    Open safety hazard pavement was opened for few days now in busy street near south st
  • 2111 Market St 19107 - City Center West
    The north side of the 2100 market street has old outdated No Parking. Signs hanging on poles entire block confusing drivers they ended. 8/10/14 at 4 pm
  • 621 Callowhill Street Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Poplar-Ludlow-Yorktowne
    Right lane on Callow hill street right turn traffic large volume created a huge hole that has a orange cone placed in the center , it has been that way for 4 weeks since 7/10/2014 Safety Hazard
  • 521-599 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - City Center West
    Solar compactor located Broad south street NE corner is full and will not open or is jammed close
  • 405 Bainbridge Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Queen Village
    Busy 6 way corner Red Stop sign has been hit and is laying on the ground , needs to be replanted
  • 523 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Neighbor cleaned yard and had trash and recyclables , streets dept workers removed bags but left yard cuttings . These guys work fast in the rain. I have neighbor 4 bags he should have did better job. Safety hazard