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  • 186 Portifino Dr. Venice, Florida - Venice
    Customer says has a possible leak by the meter. Meter box always full of water.
  • 297 Circle Dr Venice, Florida - Venice
    Robin Lifton has had no response from Sarasota County Damage to my property from road pavers on January 26 and January 27, at 297 Circle Dr.,. The road pavers knocked down my mailbox on Friday january 27, and when I asked the project manager who would replace it in the ground, he rudely said "a repair crew will be by later to do that. " The crew also hit the large rocks protecting my sprinkler heads on my grass , moved them out of place. I asked them to move the rocks back, and they also replied that that would be done. None of that was done. I had to replace the mailbox myself, in order for my mail to be delivered. My mail box had been cemented in the ground before they knocked it down. They also destroyed the edge of my grass, and did not move my rocks back in place. The rocks ate too heavy for me to move. This was appalling, destructive work done and qas supposed to be overseen by our town. 2 sprinkler head have been covered with concrete chips. Pictures to follow. My cell phone number is 941-809-3770.
  • 1224 Capri Isles Blvd. Unit #44 Venice, Florida - Venice
    Resident was told by a neighbor who reported it to the Management Company that there was water leaking from the meter.
  • Between 1231 And 1232 N. Indies Circle Venice, Florida - Venice
    Someone passed by this address and noticed water coming out of the meter box between 1231 and 1232 N. Indies Circle.
  • 1335 Brookside Dr. Venice, Florida - Venice
    Neighbor reported leak.
  • 636 Valencia Rd. Venice, Florida - Venice
    There is a leak at the south side of the driveway
    near the property line by the street.
  • 612 White Pine Tree Rd. Venice, Florida - Venice
    The property Manager reported a leak at the Curb at Bird Bay Village - Laurel Villas
  • 2903 Ravinia Circle Venice, FL - Venice
    Possible leak at meter
  • 31 Pine Rd. Venice, Florida - Venice
    Resident called and said that water is coming up from the asphalt in the middle of the road
  • 708 White Pine Tree Road Venice, FL - Venice
  • 1218 Waterside Lane Venice, Florida - Venice
    Customer's plumber says leak is on the City side of the meter.
  • 1192 S. Indies Circle Venice, Florida - Venice
    Customer reported a leak between the Meter and the road. Grass is wet and there is a puddle in the road.
  • 712 Myrtle Ave. Venice, Florida - Venice
    John from One Stop Car and Truck Repair reported 3 feet of standing water under fence at this address behind the property.
  • Wastewater Archived
    1250 Pinebrook Rd. Venice, Florida - Venice
    Lighthouse Management reported a sewer blockage at Pinebrook Lake Club Condos in front of the Clubhouse and it is going into the lake.
  • 1050 Capri Isles Blved Bldg. D And E Venice, Florida - Venice
    Broken Irrigation Pipe in Front of the entrance. On-site manager thinks contractor broke it.
  • 424 Harbor Dr. Venice, Florida - Venice
    A person walked by and noticed a water leak in front of property
  • Venetian Trail Waterway Venice, Florida - Venice
    Resident called and said water is coming out of the ground by the Kayak Ramp
  • 153 Palazzo Ct. Venice, Florida - Venice
    Customer reported possible leak. Meter lid has a puddle on top of it. When you press down more water pushes out.
  • 1219 Sleepy Hollow Venice, Florida - Venice
    Resident reported a leak between his home and the neighbor
    at 1217 Sleepy Hollow
  • 100 The Esplanade N Venice, Florida - Venice
    Engineer called stating that the water sample point has been damaged due to working in the area. Field Technicians have been dispatched.