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  • 73 Wyeth St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 7
    today I had a police officer knock on my door to move my car out the driveway because they were redoing my street. I moved my car out of MY DRIVEWAY!! on a private way to allow the city to work. I come home from work and everyone on my street who parked on a different street was ticketed for no residential parking sticker. We live on a private way with a driveway we do not need a sticker .
  • Horrible work Archived
    Wyeth Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    What in the unseasoned chicken is going on with this work on wyeth st. First the streets look horrible and the entire street got excited about the streets being redone even thought it was a year late we got excites to see the trucks outside. Now they finished and it looks like it was the asphalts company first day in business. After thr horrible works done a construction company starts worling on 78 wyeth st they are building unsafe decks it looks like the asphalt guys help them over there and they are workinf until 12am every night
  • 37-69 Wyeth Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    Today we had a worker knock on our door(not national grid) asked to take a look at the gas meters) when he leaves the gas is off and meters disconnected) not professionally done and no shutoffs where locked. With all the banging and drilling something could have fell and open the valve. The workers then finish there 8 hr day and go home. Leaving multiple homes with no gas and in a very dangerous situation with no locks on the shutoffs and the meters disconnected . I called national grid. They came out put a lock on the meter and left. I reported this to the dpw Bob knocks I believe his name was. His response was it's not his problem. After telling him in many ways that I believe it is his problem or at least the city of Malden problem for workers leaving a entire block in danger. ANYONE leaving gas in hope that a 20 year old shutoffs will hopefully holdup over the weekend and no kill someone. If they where leaving this like this it should have been locked and capped off. Then Bob knocks started saying he would help. He then called back to let me know he called national grid. I told him they came and did nothing and left . He said again it's not my problem. Its now been 11 hrs with a no gas. No answers no hot water no stove for tenants and a scary situation for the 8 people in our house and the kids playing on the street.