Baba Bob Shipman

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  • 536 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Residence clean out, streets sanitation needed, 3rd police district. neighbor died in home and the community is volunteering to assist with house clean out, our normal day is Friday, but we are requesting pick up today, trash, leaves few boards, old toilet rugs
  • Short Dumping Archived
    1945 Haworth Street Philadelphia, PA 191, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia

    Recently, A landlord removed his tree,bushes and trash from his vacant property 1945
    Haworth Street and threw it in the yard of a abandon/vacant home at1947 Haworth Street. I am not surprised about the Landlord behavior because he really careless about our neighbor only the rents he is collecting from Section 8/Housing Choice tenants. He should be fined, just like the other homeowner that dumped his trash into this same yard early in March. I have been fighting to keep squatters,drug dealers from coming in the neighborhood trashing those houses (3) and here the landlord/owner of at least 4 rentals on the block is trashing it. Please respond to his illegal dumping.

    The Block Captain
    Artafia Robertson

  • 520 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Raw sewage is seeping from drain located in the yard. Homeowner attempting to unclog has lasted 3 weeks, health hazard to adjacent neighbors, also neighbors living on 500 block Wharton street...Please report
  • 527 Wharton St 19147 Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    The property located at 527 Wharton street, constantly deposits trash from the rear of property, located 524 Titan st, owner by QUEEN VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT LP 811 S 2nd St,BRT#:021345300 , 215-551-9091, our safety and environment is threatened, pedestrians are dropping trash on the pile
  • 524 Titan Street - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen

    This is a sickening effort to get the trash crew to pick up every household on the block, this time it is 524 titan st 19147.

    It's a holiday weekend and no resident should be left with a pile of trash left out in the open, in the middle of the block...please help us

  • 900 S. 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Hunting Park
    series of small pot holes need paving. It is a safety hazard to children crossing streets.
  • 2 South 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - Old City

    Press vehicles are unable to park at that location as there are huge construction vehicles parked in the Press Parking only lane.

    We need space for at least 4 press vehicles available. I recently covered a event in the area and had to park illegally at 4 south 6th street. No fine was assessed however, I alerted the PPA worker that I would be parking in the 20 minute passenger lane for some time to cover a event held at the Constitution visitors center

  • 1600 Chancellor St Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA - Rittenhouse Square
    I hesitate to report this issue as i do understand the lack of commercial parking in center city. However a FedEx delivery truck can be found daily from 9:15 am until 11:30 am or later parked at the corner of 1600 Chancellor St
    Philadelphia, PA 19102. It receives a ticket but continues to park there each and every weekday. The location is reserved for @ city credentialed Media (PRESS) vehicles. We need additional space in center city as it is, HELP to move this vehicle, towing would send a message.
  • Friday Trash Truck Missed Trash Bag Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Queen Village
    The streets department seem to be very selective about the trash bags they pick up. We cleaned alley at 524 titan st 19147, they took one look at the trash bag and one said to the other leave that there. Please come and remove it, as it is a safety hazard and pedestrians are dropping additional items on top of the bag.
  • 600 South 4th St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Hunting Park
    Homeless person sleeps between bainbridge and Lombards street, he wears dreadlocks and a Viking helmet
  • 400 Block South 49th Pot Holes Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA - Hunting Park
    Please have street crews pave this block as it is a safety hazzard
  • 521 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Hunting Park

    illegal parking construction workers. this has been going on since july 2009. The construction crews are arrogant and leaves trash from lunch, dirty and smelly.

    The are parking illegally on the rear property of wharton street. This causes trucks and cars to squeeze by, often times hitting residents parked vehicles. No parking signs need to be posted.

  • 522 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Hunting Park

    We have a neighbor that uses the alley next door to 522 residence on Titan st.

    522 Titan st 19147, we need the trash cops to inspect alley weekly. he brings wood, bikes , plaster from houses being constructed and stores them in the alley until , the neighbors complain. This is a fire hazard and a breeding grow for rats.
    His name is Felix and lives at 518 Titan st, with his parents, he is 24 years old.

  • 521 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Hunting Park

    The new homes being constructed in the 521, 523,525,527 titan st.

    The PGW lines were connected and the hole was never paved

  • 522 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Hunting Park
    PGW gas works unpaved holes, the PGW crew connected new homes to the gas lines in front of the 522, 521 addresses and they are sinking by car traffic. One hole on pavement and another in the middle of the street
  • 800 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Eastwick
    their is only 1 press/media parking location in the south of center city east, members of the press that are covering stories in the south street and 19147 zipcode, making all press vehicle park illegally, and creating dangerous pedestrian conditions.
  • 700 Federal St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Hunting Park

    Septa does not post detour sign rt 47 north

    The route 47 is being detoured in the 3rd police district without posting detour signs, making hundreds of people late for work

  • 3rd Vine To Spring Garden Potholes Philadelphia, PA - Kensington

    from 3rd Vine north to 3rd spring garden , will tear your cat shocks up. motorist speed, buses too 40 mph.


  • 400 Dickerson St Philadelphia, PA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    People in Philadelphia still don't get it. Last night at approximately 6 pm, while traveling south on 4th street, my car was almost hit by a woman trying to park and hold phone to her ear. A white car, parked in from of the fire plug
  • 500 Titan Street Philadelphia, PA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen

    somebody is listening, thank u
    Dear Mr. Shipman:

    Your concern has been forwarded to our Traffic Division
    for attention and appropriate action.

    Thank you for contacting us.

    J. Brewington
    The Customer Service Team at the Streets Department

    For faster service and more information please use our new Customer Service web page: