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  • 70 Thompson St Troy, NY, 12180, USA - Troy
    There is a work trailer dropped at the intersection blocking the stop sign. I called the police about the issue. 1st you can't have trailer on a public road not attached to anything and now you cant see the stop sign, there will be an accident. Well the Troy police did nothing. Day 2 of this nightmare is playing out. I called again and stull nothing. Please be on notice should you or your children get hurt here You can sue the city again along with the police dept for not being diligent in there duties to keep citizens safe. Who do you tell when the police don't do there job either. I put this here to see if someone can move this hazard.
  • Thompson/Howard Troy, New York - Troy
    I live on Thompson St for many years I have complained to the city to put up a speed bump here I was told it can't be done on city streets. Hardly anyone stops for this sign Parents in a hurry to get their children to the ball fields (GEER FIELD) blow though it Cars taking the short cut to avoid mill st and NOW even the ice cream truck doesn't even stop anymore and she attracts children and still blows through the signage I asked her to stop and NOPE I NO GIVE YOUR KIDS ICE CREAM YOU YELL AT ME stop means stop REALLY there not my kids but thanks for thinking im young enough to have children that young They are the children in my neighborhood and the blind corner doesn't have stop sign I've been here long enough to see lots of accidents BUT no deaths yet of children But back to my original thought I drove over WalkerA ve by Spring Little league to see they have a speed bump and they put speed bumps up on Sherman Ave when they detoured traffic ARE THE CHILDREN of LESSER VALUE ON THOMPSON STREET THAT WE DON'T GET CONSIDERATION FOR A SPEED BUMP OR DOES A CHILD HAVE TO DIE FIRST What to do now at a loss Thanks