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  • 6033-6099 N Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    The right lane of Northbound Sheridan is littered with deep. destructive potholes in this stretch. When covered in water from all the rain they are especially difficult to avoid.
  • 6736 North Glenwood Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Rogers Park
  • 2001-2013 West Pratt Boulevard Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 50
    Pothole on eastbound side of Pratt, crossing the intersection at Ridge.
  • 30 East Division Street Chicago, Illinois - Gold Coast
    I'm not sure exactly what street cut complaints and Compasses, but I'm currently sitting in completely stopped traffic due to road works Kama having spent now 10 minutes crawling between Dearborn Street and a store due to construction equipment moving along this block trying to complete Road works. Both the drivers and the workers, would all be better off if this road were simply closed so they could finish the job and we would be able to drive around it, rather than slowly crawling through it.
  • 1508 West Lunt Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 49
    Speed limit sign down on NW corner of Lunt & Greenview.
  • Tree Debris Archived
    1756 W 14th St Chicago, Illinois - Near West Side
    Tree down onto street from weekend storms.
  • 1845 S Wood St Chicago, Illinois - Lower West Side
    Graffiti on stop sign northwest corner of intersection.
  • 1800 W 19th St Chicago, Illinois - Lower West Side
    Gang tags on buildings along Wood Street from this point to several blocks north.
  • Sidewalk out Archived
    1448-1518 S Wood St Chicago, Illinois - Near West Side
    Not sure of a better title or category for this particular issue. The sidewalk seems to have been completely torn up here and or left to ruin.
  • 1332 S Wood St 60608 - Near West Side
    Abandoned furniture and now also bags of garbage in the park.
  • 1329 S Wood St Chicago, IL - Near West Side

    Once again, this is an issue that the City of Chicago has 'Archived', but in fact *not* cleaned up. Original post 3/2/15. Abandoned furniture in the park is still there.

    Edit 03/25/15: Changed issue category to 'Sanitation Code Violation'. Perhaps the City of Chicago acknowledge this issue one of these days...

  • 1801 W Hastings St Chicago, Illinois - Near West Side
    This issue was first opened in January, then archived -- which I don't understand at all. Two months later, the same graffiti is still on the very same stop sign. Why was the issue archived? When will it be addressedm
  • 3356 West Montrose Avenue Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Albany Park
    Street lights are out from Irving Park to Montrose all along Kimball.
  • 1329-1399 S Wood St Chicago, Illinois - Near West Side
    Abandoned furniture in the park. Not sure the best category.
  • 4749 N Bernard St Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    I think this has been laying on the sidewalk here for the last couple weeks (if not longer).
  • 1801 W Hastings St Chicago, Illinois - Near West Side
    Gang tag on stop sign.
  • 3706 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    See title.
  • 6345 N Nagle Ave Chicago, Illinois - Norwood Park
    Pothole right lane northbound.
  • Bent street sign Acknowledged
    4702 N Bernard St Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Obviously this is not a graffiti removal situation, however, there does not appear to be an appropriate category choice. Street sign is bent at Leland and Bernard.
  • 3732 N Spaulding Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 33
    Street lights out on Kimball from Irving Park to Montrose.