• 425 Centre St Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Sidewalk was demolished here last week. There is now no safe way to cross Centre St. Please set up temporary crossing barriers to allow pedestrians to cross safely.
  • St James St Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Green light is out
  • Other Acknowledged
    454-458 Cherry St Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    Vehicles are regularly parked on the sidewalk here, south side. Please enforce. Thank you.
  • Nonantum Road Boston, Massachusetts - Allston-Brighton
    Lane markings are worn away, and it's unclear if this is 2 or 3 lanes - and where the left turn only lane is. Please repaint lane markings.
  • Wexford St Boston, MA 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Abandoned truck
  • Other Archived
    227 Washington St Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Sidewalk has been demolished and there are no accommodations for people who cannot traverse the rubble. Please add accommodations for sidewalk use during construction.
  • 2360 Commonwealth Avenue Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Bicyclist was struck here this morning by a car. Another bicyclist and a pedestrian were struck here by cars last year. This seems to be a high-incident accident area for bicyclists and pedestrians. I submitted a previous request asking for sidewalks and crosswalks to help pedestrians, and I would like to request that the city look into improving safety for bicyclists as well. My preschool-age daughter and I walk and bike here and I worry that we are unsafe.
  • Repaint crosswalk Acknowledged
    7 Auburn St Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    Road was paved here a year ago. Crosswalk was never repainted. Please repaint.
  • 440-460 N Beacon St Brighton, MA 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
  • Other Archived
    1686-1720 Commonwealth Avenue Auburndale, MA 02466, USA - Newton
    Right lane drops without much warning on Comm Ave heading eastbound. Suggest adding signage and/or lane markings to warm drivers so they are not caught off guard. Possibly might want to establish right hand lane as "right turn only"
  • 664-668 Arsenal St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    Lane drops unexpectedly. The left most lane on Arsenal westbound disappears here without any signage or lane markings. Please add direction for drivers here.
  • 130 Western Ave Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Lane markings have worn away
  • Line painting Archived
    360 N Beacon St Boston, MA 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Lane markings on the right hand side have worn away. Assume there should be four lanes across but only two are marked. Leads to confusion at this heavy merge area
  • Line painting Archived
    Nonantum Rd Boston, MA 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Lane markings have worn away. Please repaint
  • 126-132 Nonantum Rd Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    No Lane markings here. Please repaint
  • 1163 Walnut St Newton, MA 02461, USA - Newton
    Large hole in sidewalk poses a tripping hazard
  • 416 Lexington St Auburndale, MA 02466, USA - Newton
    Recent signal timing change is causing gridlock. Left turn from Comm on to Lex gets backed up due to red light at Wolcott. Blocks westbound traffic on Comm causing unnecessary backups. Please study and address.
  • 1445-1447 Washington Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Mound of snow is blocking a lane at the on ramp to Mass Pike eastbound
  • 322-412 Centre St Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Traffic light at on ramp to Pike has been turned so that oncoming traffic can't see it. Saw a car go thru the intersection on a red because the signal wasn't visible
  • Cambridge Street Boston, Massachusetts - Allston-Brighton
    The lane markings are worn away here, exiting from the Pike. New signage indicates a new lane merge before Harvard St but the lane markings are worn and confusing. Please adjust either the signage or lane markings to be clear to those coming off the Pike.