Corinne Cooper

  • 4201-4299 North Mountain Avenue Tucson, Arizona - Campus Farm
    At the very north end of Mountain Road, where it meets the Rillito River Walk, there is a stop sign facing north that has been entirely painted over. Riders come shooting out of the bike path into the street without stopping. The problem is that there is a tall hedge between the bike path and the street and drivers headed west on Prospect Lane cannot see the riders coming. I have witnessed two near collisions this summer. Please replace the stop sign, (and maybe add a sign that says, "ONCOMING TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP"?)
  • 565 East Wetmore Road Tucson, Arizona - Tucson Ward 3
    The pavement between Stone and 1st Avenue on Wetmore is almost deteriorated into a dirt road! The last 100 feet before 1st is fantastic. The rest is teeth-rattling and tire-popping bad. Also the turn lane from 1st turning left onto Wetmore heading west and onto Limberlost heading east is so dangerous someone is going to be killed there.
  • 4165-4199 North 1st Avenue Tucson, Arizona - Limberlost
    The southbound turn lane on 1st Avenue at Limberlost is so rippled that you can lose control of your car if you don't hold on to the steering wheel. I drive through this turn lane 4-6 times a day and I drive a small car so it's particularly dangerous. I'm fearful of being pulled into oncoming traffic.
    I've reported this before but not here. Please, both turn lanes in this block of 1st Avenue (at Limberlost and at Wetmore) are dangerously buckled.