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  • 512 Sunset Drive Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Saw on Facebook a Citizen's complaint that trash bins were not maintained during baseball tournament at Ford Canyon Park.
  • 511 Sunset Drive Gallup, NM - Gallup
    This entire yard front and back has an abundance of dried weeds and tree debris. It is unsightly and a fire hazard, especially with fireworks season fast approaching. This is a rental property.
  • Corner Of Aztec And Valley View Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Would it be possible to clean this little triangle at the intersection of Aztec and Valley View. It has weeds, trees, garbage and an old broken-off sign post which could be dangerous if someone hits it. Thank you!
  • Graffiti Archived
    Corner Of Verdi And Aztec Ave Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Graffiti On Big Cheese Pizza's wall at corner of intersection of Verdi and Aztec.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1003 E Aztec Avenue Gallup, NM - Gallup
    Graffiti has been sprayed on the back wall of this vacant lot.
  • Southeast Corner Of Cliff And Aztec Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Not exactly a pavement issue, but nothing else seemed to fit the problem. This DETOUR sign appears to have been abandoned as I can not see any reason for the sign to be sitting on this corner (southeast corner of Cliff and Aztec under the Stop Sign).
  • 107 W. Green St Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    This is the trash bin from the dental office at 107 W Green St. It is overflowing onto the street and the bags will likely soon be torn open by dogs, littering the entire area.
  • Graffiti Archived
    100 W Green Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Graffiti on wall
  • 1103 East Aztec Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    This empty lot between properties is beginning to collect trash, old weeds and graffiti. Paint covered graffiti is patchy and unsightly.
  • Corner Of Coal Ave And Third Street Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    City trash receptacle in front of Tanner's Indian Art at corner of Third Street and Coal Ave. is overflowing onto the street.
  • 1200 Block Of East Aztec Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Weeds were raked into piles last Fall. Piles are still there and now collecting trash. This is an eyesore!
  • Graffiti Archived
    110 West Hill Avenue Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    The back wall of the Octavia Fellin Public Library looks bad with poorly cleaned Graffiti. Especially now that the COG building is gone and the construction is complete, this unsightly wall is much more visible.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1001 W Hwy 66 Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    On the back wall of Ray's Trading Co. (Coal Street Side), there is graffiti sprayed.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Corner Of East Coal Ave And Mckinley Ave Gallup New Mexico - Gallup
    There is graffiti on the brick wall of the old gas station. It faces McKinley Street and the old Hileg Myers building
  • 300 E Coal Avenue Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Graffiti is sprayed on the block wall - one large one in teal colored paint and a smaller one in black paint
  • 301 E Coal Ave Gallup New Mexico - Gallup
    Graffiti is on three walls of this old building (Old Elk's Lodge Building or Old Compassion Harbor Bldg)
  • Park Ave And Old Zuni Road Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Just as you turn off Park Avenue south to the Gallup Sports Complex parking lot, there is an area that the rains have washed out. It is directly next to a light pole. It is quite deep and could be dangerous to drivers (especially as it gets dark). It is a very small piece of pavement, but mostly dirt. I have been approached about this from soccer parents.
  • Valley View Dr Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    The big vacant land above Valley View Dr across from Holiday Nursery has trash dumped on it, plus the transients leave their trash laying along the street and on the hill. Maybe it would help to place some trash barrels where the transients hang out?
  • Second St Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    I have been approached by other citizens about goat head weeds in the Dog Park. The goat heads are getting in dog's paws and in their hair. These weeds should be removed please for the safety of our dogs.
  • 1113 E Aztec Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Vacant lot has very high weeds plus weed growth in the sidewalk, also For Sale sign has graffiti on it.