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  • Pothole 已存档
    612 North Lombardy Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    There's a pothole (kind of deep divot) on the west side of N. Lombardy St. between Broad St. and W. Grace St. It is right at the mouth of the alley that runs parallel to Broad/Grace and is right in the parking lane where bikes go--very easy to cause bike tires to burst if they hit that pothole. If that could be filled, that would be great. For the bikers! Thank you very much, Eric Johnson
  • 2101 Fendall Ave. Richmond, VA - Southern Barton Heights
    Second request for a bulk brush pick-up behind this address--first requested on 7/9/13. Thank you!
  • 2101 Fendall Ave Richmond, Virginia - Southern Barton Heights
    Requesting to have two brush piles removed from behind house (in alley near regular trash pick-up)