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  • 8200-8296 Grand Ave Pinellas Park, FL, 33782, USA - Pinellas Park
    Grand Avenue, west side. between Wawa and Epic Center. Serpentine path and trees need a cleanup. Vines are hanging down in one place that are head-height to a cyclist. Further along tree branches are hanging low. The pathway is covered in leaf debris
  • 3000 Gandy Boulevard Saint Petersburg, Florida - Pinellas Park
    Workers cleaned and deepened a ditch on South Frontage road, on the south side, and just east of a new storage business. The ditch runs down to the Royal Palms North cemetery. When the ditch was deepened, they stopped at some kind of sewer control. This prevents the water from flowing further east, and this will be a breeding ground for mosquitoes when the summer storms arrive. This morning's rain left about nine inches of water in the ditch.
  • Grand Avenue Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    A pathway that borders Bill Young Armed Services property is in need of some trimming. The worst part is near the main gate. A few places along the pathway could use some attention.
  • South Frontage Road By Robert'S Mh Park Pinellas county, Florida - Pinellas Park
    Five 5-gallon drums of what appears to be a toxic substance have been dumped on S. Frontage Road during the night. The road begins at Robert's MH Park across from Grand Avenue. The drums are located on the north side of the road, halfway between Robert's and the North Palms cemetery.
  • Traffic Issue Acknowledged
    3390 Gandy Blvd N. Lot 70 Pinellas county, Florida - St. Petersburg
    Crosswalk signal not working at junction of 49th street and 118th avenue. West side of 49th street, South side of 118th avenue. The 'hand' signal is on but we don't get the signal to cross the road.
  • 3390 Gandy Blvd N. #70 Pinellas county, Florida - Pinellas Park
    South Frontage road. The grass verges used to be maintained until this year. Now the grass is tall, and weeds are up to four feet tall. Also, just outside Roberts RV park, on Gandy Blvd. N., across from the Wawa, is a pedestrian controlled crossing. The grassy area by the control button is overgrowing the pathway.. There is another problem across the road on Grand Avenue. A tree overhangs the sidewalk and I have to duck under it, or walk out in the road. I'm wondering why the verges maintenance has stopped.