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  • 50 Exchange St. New Haven, CT - Fair Haven
    A street sweeping sign was knocked down by a car. It's lying on the sidewalk.
  • 67-75 Exchange Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    This intersection is so full of snow that almost every car that stops here has trouble going through. Cars slide, wheels spin, I've seen a couple of buses get stuck. . . last night it seemed that even a police cruiser had trouble here. Plows need to come down East Pearl again and get this intersection.
  • 510 Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Mill River
    Why has the state allowed this contaminated site to sit for so long? This should be urgent priority. The city knew that there was 4,300 gallons of contaminated oil (, and now a spill has occurred in the Mill River, with the possibility of making its way into the Long Island Sound. Why isn't the city putting pressure on the owners to clean this up?
    "The grounds of the former power plant are heavily contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, a cancer-causing agent, as well as heavy metals and other contaminants."
    "The building floor is covered with a film that appears to be from spilled oil, he said. In addition, a number of aging 55-gallon drums of fluid were found."
  • 92-100 East Pearl Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    A broken TV and other trash has been here for a couple of weeks.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    58 Exchange Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    There is a tree that is so overgrown with shoots from the trunk that people can't pass it on the sidewalk, and they regularly have to pass around it in the street (especially with baby strollers). This is a narrow street, and cars often come around that corner quickly, making this really dangerous. Please trim that tree!