Susan Eddy

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  • Rehoboth Drive Rehoboth, New Mexico - McKinley County
    parking on the road (loop) at this location is bad. the west curb has been painted yellow at one point but time has worn off the parking zone paint. it is hazardous because kids dart across the street and with cars parked on the road they may not be seen by oncoming vehicles.
    cars parked on the street at this location make it hard for delivery trucks and trailers to get through without clipping the parked cars.
    please take a look at this area. see me in the fellowship hall if you have questions.
  • HOLE Open
    Gallup New Mexico - McKinley County
    huge pothole at intersection of rt 66 and twin buttes rd. by stop sign at Hampton inn.
  • Rehoboth Drive Rehoboth, New Mexico - Gallup
    Cars driving too fast on Rt 66... we need a stoplight!! or a speed zone...
    I watched a parent leaving Rehoboth, almost get t-boned by a speeder going to the east in the middle lane. Approx. 8:03 a.m. this morning.
    The motorist could not see the oncoming vehicle due to the line of parents turning into Rehoboth.