Director, Engineering

Rang: Heman Bürgerpunkte: 8.020
  • 560 Gaylord Mountain Road Hamden, CT - Hamden
    Pot hole near the driveway. deep little guy in the gutter.
  • Hamden CT - Hamden
    Three significant pot holes at this intersection. Two on the west side of the road on either side between the culvert and intersection. Both are in the gutter. The third is in the gutter on the eastern side of the intersection north side of the road (westbound lane). All three have been patched before but with the cold weather have opened back up.
  • Hamden CT - Hamden

    The Engineering Department received a complaint about flooding across Downes Road near the intersection of Gaylord Mountain Road. Upon investigation this morning, it was determined that the entrance to the 24" RCP is clogged at the upstream inlet at #880 Gaylord Mountain Road (driveway on Downes Road).

    Can the pipe entrance be cleaned to allow for better flow through the pipe?