• Larch St San Francisco Ca - US Congressional District KS1
    Open Loose Trash in enclosed area LARCH ST AT FRANKLIN. PLEASE REFER TO CODE ENFORCEMENT /HEALTH DEPT. flys and rodents seen in the enclosed area. on going problem -over 1 year-never clranef up
  • 1979 Mission Street San Francisco, California - Mission
    9-12-16. 16th St BART PLAZA MUNI STOP. City Hall may establish another
    city dept before the feces is cleaned up.
    Maybe a city employee will sit in it.
  • 83 Wiese St San Francisco, California - Mission
    On outside grey wall of 1647 15th St. & elsewhere on Wiese. Reported.
    Marked police cars will be making more passing cars. ( unmarked gank task force cars dcooped one up already ).
  • 83 Wiese St San Francisco California - Mission
    Wiese at 16th st
    Los Coyotes Taqarea outside wall covered in feces next to their trash cans left out 24 hrs per code violation. Reported.
  • 83 Wiese St San Francisco, California - Mission
    Dangerous hep c filled syringe wiese st between 16th and 15th outside the rear enterance to the city homeless Navigation Hotel. Watch where you step. -had to warn a mother with 2 young kids. All were oblivious to the hep c infected needle right at their feet.
  • 83 Wiese St San Francisco, California - Mission

    Tuesday June 7th 2016 4:30pm

    I had to warn a mother with her 2 sons abount the dirty dangerous used syringe on Wiese St. One of her two sons already was walking ahead of her oblivious to the neddles and feces all up and down the street. When you drove down Wiese then park your car nearby don't wash it before looking for needles stuck in your tires (or shoes). Of course, hold your nose wether driving, biking or walking down wiese. The smell of urine outside Los Coyotes on 16th at Wiese was enough to make you throw up your taqarea from Los Coyotes Then there is the homeless latino lady in the wheel chair asking the few who go down Wiese for money. She is probably more than a homeless lady in a wheel chair. She seemed to be a look out for the others who were smart enough to leave. The wheel chair lady pretended to hit the curb and down she went out of her wheel chair face planted on the urine, feces syringe pavement. New Gang grafetti will be painted over and feces cleaned up by dpw ( all but the spot in front of the gand bangers house). Los coyotes will have to keep their outside area clean especially if they are going to violate code and keep their trash bins out 24 hrs attracting rats and feces spraying addicts and homeless and homeless addicts.

  • 800 Turk St San Francisco, California - Downtown
  • 2-30 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, California - Civic Center Community Benefit District
    807am 5-10-16 Tuesday
    2 tents makes an encampment!
    Right outside SF DEPT OF PUBLIC WORKS!
    Now that is the City Of San Francisco at work! LMFAO!
  • 1979 Mission St. San Francisco California - Mission
    815am Monday 5-9-16
    Homeles drinking beer in 16th St @#$% Plaza and selling transfers as usual. Happy ten year anniversary to the City of. San Francisco and @#$% Plaza!!
  • 47 Julian Ave San Francisco, California - Mission
    Just as preficted
    1 tent that has been on Julian St at 15th St in the Mission of San Francisco Ca. Has turned into 3 tents and 2 bodies sleeping (?) in the doorway of kink.com. ya know that tent city on Division St? The city has been on notice for weeks about Division St. and they have been on notice about the tents on Julian. Santuary means a safe place. San Francisco lets them @#$% and deficate till the block stinks. Get Ready.
  • 47 Julian St San Francisco Ca - Mission
    2-29-16 8am
    Used syringe on Julian at 15th
  • 3001-3027 16th St San Francisco, California - Mission
    Street light is out on 16th @ Mission near the 22 Fillmore stop. Pge or city owned.?
  • Graffiti Archived
    1932 Mission St San Francisco, California - Mission
    More and more grafetti each day on the ywklow painted garage wall located on wiese st at 15th st
    Belonging to the apartment building on 1930 mission st at 15th st.
  • 198 Julian Ave San Francisco, California - Mission
    Free parking!!!!!
  • Graffiti Archived
    1979 Mission St San Francisco, California - Mission
    16th St Bart plaza-Walgreens side
    On Burger King OUTSIDE wall.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Mission At 16th St San Francisco, California - Mission
    The city puts out a syringe box on Wiese St and the addicts show up in mass, shoot up and leave their needles in the street-of course along with all their trash. Not a clue. One addict passed away finally. Took about 2 years but at least he did not die n wiese. The loud sirens would make us angry. This is why no one calls the cops around here when someone is killed. Like all addicts use biogazard container. This story is going to Trump. Morons.
  • 1979 Mission St San Francisco, California - Mission
    The fence around the tree on the bart plaza needs to be removed-Walgreens side It was at a 90 degree angle becuase it was used to hold many bags of beer and not to protect the tree. The tree is stressed and dieing as a result.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1932 Mission St San Francisco, California - Mission
    Grafetti outside wall of marijuana medical card evaluation business 1932 Mission St.
  • 1979 Mission St San Francisco, California - Mission
    Grafetti on outside wall of Burger King on 16th St BART Plaza
  • 1932-1980 Mission St San Francisco, California - Mission
    Grafetti on rear entrance of HOMELESS Shelter called "Navigation Center" at 1950 Mission St San Francisco Ca. 94103