Elizabeth(Betsy) Gomez

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 435
  • 81 Woodward Ave New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    street and sidewalk damage has been reported several times.large tree needs to come down or seriously trimmed. it is hanging over all lines to my home. During rain water cannot drain due to exposed roots in street thus leaving standing water. Alder Sal Decola was notified also. Photos included. Please address this situation before the next storm.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    81 Woodward Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    several branches broken and hanging from tree--also branches broken and hanging on wires going to the house, tree needs to be seriously trimmed before we get an ice storm. At the base of the tree the road has lifted and water gathers there preventing flow. Please give this issue some attention.