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  • 1211 39th Ave Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station
    Fire Hazard Dry Grass and Weeds are extended on Large Corner of 39th Ave and E12th St. This is not a free smoke cigarette area, thus accidently a fire can start when people recklessly throw a lighted cigarette bud. In addition, Ascend Elementary students can't walk safely through this sidewalk.
  • 1230 39th Avenue Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station
    2 bed matresses dump on the sidewalk since a week ago.
  • E12th St/39th Ave Oakland, California - Allendale
    There has been a significant Gang Graffiti on the E12th St/39th Ave corner, a private property of 2 Garages in front of Ascend Elementary School. These apartment housing have not been maintain by the former owner nor the new property owner. Illegal dumping and graffiti is a constant problem in these multi duplex housing. City of Oakland needs to fine the owner. Front yard area looks like a dump too! Keep the neighborhood in a decent condition. Dumping and graffiti creates an area of crime. Ascend Elementary students and property owners who pay taxes need help to keep their neighborhood clean. Clean or fine the owner to clean up the mess ASAP!
  • E12th St/39th Avenue Oakland, California - Allendale
    Housing Apartment residents at the corner of 39th Ave and E12th St have a tendency to dump old furniture on the sidewalk. Property owner should pay a fine for letting renters turn the corner sidewalk a dump area. School students from Ascend Elementary have to pass through that dump!
  • 1237 39th Ave Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station
    Gang Graffiti on fence near Ascend Elementary School.
  • 1230 39th Ave Oakland , CA - Fruitvale Station
    A large bed mattress and two large commercial paint containers were dumped on the side walk by 39th Ave and International Blvd, near the Market.