David Coleman

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 383,400
  • Sidewalk - Damage Acknowledged
    2000 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, California - Glenview
    Part of sidewalk has been removed causing a tripping hazard in addition the Southern Cafes full 20 yard dumpster is now stuck in the hole where the concrete was. It is completely blocking the sidewalk forcing pedestrians to walk into traffic to get by. Cannot find any record for a permit to remove the sidewalk.
  • 2000 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Glenview
    Baby buggy full of trash next to city trash can.
  • 2000 Mac Arthur Blvd Oakland, California - Glenview
    SR 839366 and 837831. Clean the storm drain. The grease, used cooking oil and other hazardous fluids along with litter and misc crap that flowed from Canon Ave to the the Storm drain have not been fully cleaned up. There is still a large pile of oil absorbent in the gutter by the storm drain that was put down by Oakland Fire.
  • 2200 East Th 12th Oakland, California - East Peralta
    Gigantic pile of brunt toxic/ hazardous waste blocking the sidewalk and street. Several truck loads.
  • 3374 Fruitvale Avenue Oakland, California - Dimond
    The metal trash can insert is missing??? Door is open???
  • 3444 Lincoln Avenue Oakland, California - Dimond
    Micro wave oven and misc junk dumped on the sidewalk.
  • 1808 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Glenview
    5 ft by 5ft black dining table blocking the sidewalk.
  • 3700 Canon Avenue Oakland, California - Glenview
    Waste Managements driver once again flipped the over full dumpster belonging the The Southern Cafe at 2000 MacArthur Blvd. Large amount of food waste and about 20 gallons of fluids ( grease, oil, cleaning, ??? were dumped into the street on Canon Ave. The fluids have flowed around the corner into the storm drain for Sausal creek.
    The Cafe's owners refuse to have required compost bin and recycle bin. Everything go's into there dumpster and lot ends up in the street and watershed.
  • 3401 Fruitvale Avenue Oakland, California - Oakland
    This city street can is full and overflowing again. The Keep Dimond Clean volunteers cleaned up the overflow of this jammed full can. These Dimond Dist trash cans need to be pick up daily not just when the public complains. We have volunteer crews out twice a week and pay to have litter picked up 5 days a week. The City and Waste Management need to do there part. With out these volunteers and the hired help we would wading in litter and trash left by all the inconsiderate litter bugs and illegal dumpers.
  • 2100 Bienati Way Oakland, California - Oakland
    Both city cans full and over flowing again.
  • 3350 Flagg Avenue Oakland, California - Dimond
    Keep Dimond Clean Volunteers. 20 KOCB plastic bags. 3 pale blue civic corps bags. 5 black plastic bags, 2 child scooters, damaged furniture, box's of roofing waste.
  • 2000 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Glenview
    Once again the Southern cafes dumpster was over filled and waste managements trucks left garbage in the street. This restaurant does not have a compost bin of a recycling bin. Every thing goes in there dumpster and or on the street and gutter. They are required to compost and recycle but never have.
  • 2501 Montana Street Oakland, California - Dimond
    Several KOCB plastic bags of green waste cleaned up by volunteers. Have been here at least three weeks.
  • 3353 Flagg St Oakland, California - Dimond
    7 KOCB plastic bags of litter, 1 plastic bag of green waste, 1 plastic inner fender well, 1 large tarp and mics illegal dumped junk.
  • 3449 Fruitvale Avenue Oakland, California - Oakland
    This signs top bolt came out and the sign has swung down and is now head height. Several people have hit there heads trying to get in the bus.
  • 3700 Canon Avenue Oakland, California - Glenview
    Waste Management left the 20 yd dumpster from the Southern Cafe blocking the crosswalk and handicap cut again. Blocking pedestrians and handicap access across Canon Ave. It is also impeding traffic turning from MacArthur Blvd onto Canon Ave.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    2441 Seminary Ave Oakland, California - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    SR 833859 Traffic signals damaged and out in traffic accident. I suggested the reporter contact the PWD call center 615-5566 to report this as an emergency. They reported the office was closed. This completely unacceptable the public and the SFC users need to be able to report infrastructure emergencies 24/7. All this being documented.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    2432 Monterey Boulevard Oakland, California - Oakmore
    PWD Service request id 8333870. Reported both lanes blocked by illegal dumping. Suggested reported contact PWD 615-5566 as this was an emergency. Reported replied they said this was not there problem and to call the OPD. This unacceptable we need to be able report infrastructure emergencies 24/7.
  • 2100 Bienati Way Oakland, California - Oakland
    Both cans are full one is overflowing and is attracting illegal dumping around it.
  • 3321 Fruitvale Avenue Oakland, California - Oakland
    Large amount of what looks like crumbled sheet rock? It is in the street, gutter and down the storm drain. It is also covering the sidewalk and has been dumped onto the Caltrans easement.