Alice G

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    479 State St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Central Avenue
    This has been reported NUMEROUS times. It's a disgrace. And a health hazard. When is this going to be remedied? The property is accessed from Western Avenue.
  • 102 S Lake Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    This has been reported to the management company, and to this site, and it still looks like an abandoned property. Step up, and have this property maintained, or fine the owners. It's disgraceful.
  • 306 State St Albany, New York - Center Square
    First reported10 days ago. The gas grill is still there right next to the building, the garbage is still all over the place. What is going on in this city?? I feel so bad for anyone who just purchased a home here in this block thinking it was a nice residential neighborhood. It's a dirty college ghetto now, the city and the APD refuse to cite landlords for violations and residents for noise and drinking.
  • 343 State St Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    Large gatherings of people on the front steps EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK, until well after 2am. This is a residential neighborhood, in a city with a noise ordinance, and this morning they are still or there drinking at 7:30am. I have called the police on numerous occasions, and I have called the building managers and still they are or there every night of the week. My bedroom is at the front of the house and my patience is gone.
  • 306 State Street ALBANY, New York - Center Square
    Every day there is garbage left out from the nightly gatherings.
  • 261 State St Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    There is some sort of notice posted on the door of the building now, but nothing has changed since the issue was first reported several weeks ago. The building is abandoned, the window is broken and the animals have made it their own. The front steps are covered in pigeon feces. The city of Albany needs to contact the landlord for IMMEDIATE action or just take the building.
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    346 State St Albany, New York - Center Square
    Filthy alley between buildings, dead animals, rodents. Health hazard.
  • 342 State St Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    The alley between these two buildings is a garbage dump and it stinks and is a rat magnet. I've seen rats coming out of there