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  • Intersection Of Maybelle And Mastersn Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    Just witnessed an injury accident at the intersection of Maybelle and Masterson. The intersection is currently a two-way stop. PLEASE make it a four way stop. Drivers and pedestrians would both be safer. THANK YOU !!
  • 3700 High Street Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    STOP SIGNS needed in both directions on High Street at the Kansas street intersection. This is a busy area with both a church and school. Cars rush up and down the hill without regard to the speed limit. Very dangerous.
  • 3702 High St Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Upper Laurel
    Cars park so close to my driveway that it is dangerous to back out. Sometimes it is impossible and I have to call police, Please mark the curb red for a few feet here. Thank you.