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  • 14401 Des Moines Memorial Dr S Burien 98168, United States - SeaTac
    Red light out facing east. Left light
  • 37th And 137th - Tukwila
    People often do not stop at these stop signs. The worst is north bound traffic. I wonder if it has something to do with the sign being up against an phone pole. I think this intersection needs a flashing stop sign and or stop painted on the street before the line. I have lived here for 13 years and this has been a long standing problem that needs a solution. I have almost been hit in my car by people driving through the intersection at 30 miles an hour, you can’t always see them coming When they are driving fast. I have also almost been hit walking the dogs. I have also witnessed children almost hit while walking to school in the morning. We had some short term success when I have complained in the past because the city would have police sit at the intersection and pull over speeders and folks that run the sign. I hear they got a bunch of people with warrants by doing this. But it never lasts long. We need a better solution to slow people down and get them to stop. I also recommend working with the elementary school to advise parents that they are responsible to drive safely for other children in our neighborhood.