Keepin' Tabs

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  • 337 Main Street New Britain, Connecticut - New Britain
    The material that allows cars to drive over the railroad tracks is torn up. It could damage tires or underside of vehicle.
  • 321-325 Lewis Avenue Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    Right lane closed on I-691 westbound for construction. There is little warning about the lane closure. Drivers trying to take Exit 6 for Lewis Ave are forced to get in middle lane at the last second before they can exit the highway. This causes a great deal of confusion. It is an accident waiting to happen. There needs to be more advanced warning of the lane closure.
  • W Main St And Lewis Ave Meriden, Ct - Meriden
    When this intersection was redesigned, several parallel parking spaces were painted on Lewis Ave near West Main St, next to the church. When cars park in the space that is closest to W Main St, it creates a hazard. It is extremely difficult for larger vehicles to make a left turn from the eastbound side of W Main onto Lewis Ave. With traffic waiting at the red light on Lewis, there is just barely enough room to get by if a vehicle is parked in this space.
  • East Main Street Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden
    The exit ramp from I-91 and Route 15 southbound onto East Main St was repaved and the lines were repainted a few months ago. In the process they made the breakdown lane much wider. Now many drivers seem to think that it is a right turn lane. This is very dangerous. Drivers that are making a right turn onto East Main from the ACTUAL right lane have to be extremely cautious to avoid the drivers that are simultaneously attempting to turn from the breakdown lane. This was not a problem before the lane lines on the ramp were repainted. Something should be done to make it more obvious that the breakdown lane is not a travel lane.
  • 82-104 Reservoir Avenue Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden
    There are trees alongside Reservoir Ave that are overgrown. The stop sign for the eastbound traffic on Reservoir Ave is very difficult to see when approaching the intersection with Fowler Ave. Cars come down the hill with a lot of momentum and it is difficult to stop at that intersection unless the stop sign can be seen from a considerable distance.