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  • Tampa FL - Lake Magdalene
    trash at bus stop. needs to be cleaned
  • 10004 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL - Greater Carrollwood
    There is a huge wasp nest at the bus stop, please have someone come and remove it before someone gets hurt.
  • 8399 Causeway Boulevard Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    There is a trash can still at a place where there once was a bus stop. The bench was taken but the pole with the trash can is still there. The trash can is overflowing for a long time and is littering the front of the business.
  • 6901 Simmons Loop Riverview, Florida - Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority
    Can you please have the bus running to st joseph hospital at least during the weekday like it use to? There are employees and patients that need or rely on public transportation, and Tuesdays and thrusdays from 8-4 are not enough. The bus should get to hospital in the mornings, by 6:30 for employees that ride the bus, and run until at least 8:00p.m at night, like it use to.
  • 1101 Ray Charles Boulevard Tampa, FL - Downtown
    I waited outside at 9:15am for a 9:45am pick up. I saw 3 vans across the way from my building, not sure if it was there for me. I called several times and on the third attempt and was told the operator was there and waited for 9 minutes before leaving. The operator did not come to the front of my building. The security guard walked over to me and asked if I was waiting for someone and I told him yes for the van.
  • 13312 N.56th Street Temple Terrace, Florida - Temple Terrace

    Bus Riders throw trash behind the bus stop and liter the area in front of the office. Could you please have a trash bin installed for the stop?

    Thank you!
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  • M.L.K. Jr. Blvd. @ Tampania Av tampa, Florida - Wellswood
    needs a trash can. All your riders thrown trash on private property daily. Will file a suit if this isnt corrected. thanks
  • 1211 North Marion Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    wi-fi not working
  • 8723 Del Rey Court Tampa, FL - Temple Crest
    I would like a bench put on route 6 on 56th St. and Gove Hill Rd.
  • North Florida Ave Tampa, Florida - Downtown
    Good morning. It's been a little over a month since my wife and I took Route 1 at the North Florida Ave and Hillsborough Ave busstop at 7:30 am. It is always the same driver, ill-mannered who does not greet. The problem that has become habitual is that it always arrives between 7 and 10 minutes late the indicated time. Violate the laws of traffic to stay stopped at traffic lights even with the green light. Today, 06/08/2018, a physically disabled person took the bus and the driver did not wait for the person to sit down to start the bus and the person almost fell if it were not for the help provided by the passengers. Several passengers took pictures of the incident, so it is very likely that they will receive other complaints about it. The main problem is that it is always delayed and still stops the bus in the traffic lights for no reason. At first I thought it was a temporary thing but it is a usual practice. The bad service of this driver is inadmissible. Thank you very much. Have a good day
  • Tampa FL - Tampa Heights
    trash overflowing
  • West Waters Avenue Tampa, FL - Lowry Park Central
    trash overflowing
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    In think the cab program is wonderful it takes all the worry from my mom. She loves it because she never knows what time to put to return because she doesn't know when the doctor would be done. Good job Hart! I also think to call to let you know your ride is coming is such a good idea.
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    I am requesting that Cathy call me back about a continue issue I am having with late pick up with HARTPlus . This morning I was called that I would be picked up in ten minute, Now it is passed that time and calling into Customer Service I am told the Van is running behind and will be another 10-15 minutes. I would like to see why this continues to happen.
  • 8300 Renald Boulevard Temple Terrace, FL - Temple Terrace
    There used to be a bus stop when Rt 57 was running going southbound at Harney RD and Renald. People have to walk up to 78th and Renald to catch the new Rt 48 and it is a long walk. The next stop southbound is another long walk south at Sligh Ave. It would be very helpful for a lot of residents if you can bring back that stop.
  • 14501 Prism Cir Tampa, Florida - University
    I am a new student at USF and I moved into the city just a few days ago. I used the Hart bus on 8/1 for the first time ever (I've never ridden a bus in the U.S. before). My younger sister was turning 16 on the 2nd so I wanted to bring her to Adventure Island for her birthday and since I do not have a car, we had to take the bus. I was terrified of using the bus because I was afraid that I would mess up. Thankfully, things did not go as horrible as I had imagined and we made it back to the University Transit Center after having a blast at Adventure Island. We got in the 42 bus to go home, but last minute decided to take bus 13 and go downtown. We just went around an entire loop without getting out because it was too late and we were scared to walk around downtown by ourselves. We actually were held up for about 20 minutes at one point because a crippled passenger had overdosed on something and paramedics had to take care of him in the bus (welcome to Tampa huh). When we had made the loop, we found bus 42 and boarded ready to go home after a long day. After we had left the station, I had a bad gut feeling so I asked the bus driver if he was going to Reflections Apartment. My heart dropped when he told me that he was going the opposite direction and that it was the last bus. It was definitely my fault for not even asking before leaving, so I was just devastated. However, the bus driver (an African American gentleman I believe he had ponytail or long hair) reassured me and let us off at the bus stop for the bus 42 going the other direction. He could have just dropped me off anywhere, but he dropped us off a few bus stops after because it was a bad neighborhood and he didn't want us to be in trouble. He left us in front of a Starbucks at a busy intersection with clear instructions on what to do when we see the other bus. Thanks to him, I wasn't in panic mode anymore and we patiently waited for the other bus. After a while, we were approached by two men who were making racist and inappropriate comments to me and my sister. I tried to stay calm but my sister only 15 years old was terrified. One of them would not give up and continued to harass us and I became scared as well and I didn't even have anything to protect us. Suddenly, I heard a friendly loud voice and turned around to find that the bus 42 had arrived to our rescue. I believe that the bus driver had realized that we were in trouble and he purposely exclaimed loud at us and pretended to know us very well. This gentlemen (Caucasian with the fanciest mustache and long white hair) was in fact the bus driver that was in the previous 42 bus that we were originally on at the University Transit Center before we darted out to catch the bus 13 right as he was about to leave. So technically he did know us, but I cannot believe that he remembered our faces after hours had passed. Most importantly, I was so grateful that he scared off the two guys that were harassing me and my younger sister. When we boarded his bus, he did not say anything about the bad situation that we were just in, but continued to carry on a friendly conversation with us which quickly calmed me down and gave me less time to think about the scary men that could have hurt us if it wasn't for the bus driver. I did not let my emotions show because I had my younger sister to comfort, but by that time my entire guts were physically shaking uncontrollably and I felt like I was going to throw up because all the scared emotions that I was holding in was about to burst out. This driver however was so kind and he made us feel safe the entire way home. Tampa can be a very dangerous and scary place for young newcomers like me, and I think the roles of people like bus drivers are very important in making those people feel safe in public. These two men had shown incredible courage and kindness during our terrifying first bus riding experience and I did not get to thank them enough. Please let them know that they are superheros and that we are so grateful for their help on 8/1. Thanks to them, I now have full trust in the Hart bus system even though I probably will never ride the bus late at night anymore haha!
  • Tampa FL - North Hyde Park
    Bus stops for the 14 on Armenia and Howard are too far apart between Green and Carmen St. I would like to see for a stop on the corner of Cypress to make up for that long distance. I live off Grace St.
  • 16083 Dawnview Drive Tampa, FL - Greater Northdale
    Please change Northdale Flex time to 8:30 Pm leaving from Mission bell Monday to Saturday, because when I get off the 36 bus the flex is pull out. Also can you added Sunday Northdale Flex.
  • 1211 North Marion Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    The trashcan needs to be empty at Stop # 656.
  • HART ADA Complaints Acknowledged
    700 West Brandon Boulevard Brandon, FL - Brandon
    I boarded vehicle 1606 the RT 46 westbound at around 2:50. I only heard from there to the mall just 1 announcement and that was the Buckingham announcement. I heard no other announcements and I know there are other major intersections between Kings and the Mall. I had spoken to Greg about this in the past about not hearing enough announcements. I want this on the record.