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  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    I ride routes 1, 400, and 42. These buses all have marquees on the front and back that say HART is hiring. In light of the recent tragedy, I feel that the buses should have a 'in memory of" message because the hiring message sounds like you are trying to replace that driver.
  • 4728 S Trask St Tampa, FL, 33611, USA - Bayside West
    I like to give a compliment to a driver. She does her job very well and is really, really nice and polite. She does and excellent job helping people and kind. She talks really kind to people and has the sweetest personality and I wish she could get a raise.
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    There was a bench under the shelter at this stop last week. Now the bench is gone but the shelter is still there. I would like the bench to be put in again.
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    Someone dropped a carton of eggs, and dried up eggs that have been baked by the sun are stuck to the ground. It will probably need a pressure washer to clean it up. There is also lots of other trash laying on the ground.
  • HART Commendation Acknowledged
    301-347 N Ashley Dr Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    The bus broke down and had to be change for another one and the driver was very helpful to tried to get the patron to their connecting bus.
  • 2600-2654 N 15th St Tampa, FL, 33605, USA - Ybor City
    This is the second time I have call in to complaint about the route 9 bus stop on 15th St and Ellicott St. the trash can is full there is garbage on around the bus stop and in my yard. The bus stop is in front of my house so I have to go out there and clean it up. I would like for someone to come out and clean it up.
  • E Brandon Blvd & Glen Dale Rd Brandon, FL, 33511, USA - Brandon
    The area around the stop needs to be clean there is no trash can in the stop.
  • 1701 W Ferris Ave Tampa, FL, 33603, USA - Wellswood
    This vehicle went by my house all day long making a terrible noise. The vehicle needs to be fixed. It made a whistling noise that increased upon acceleration. You can hear the vehicle breaking and screaming coming down Rome Ave.
  • 900-998 N Marion St Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    HART has change the location of the buses at the Marion Transit Center, and now when you need to make a connection you have to go all over the transit to located where is the bus at. If the bus that you need it is not there yet it is difficult to identified which bus will pick up at which location. It is hard for people with disabilities having to run all over the place. Hart should place a Pole in the middle of the platform with arrows pointing where each bus is leaving from. That simple thing will make things easier for us.
  • 161-303 W Cass St Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    I would like to report that this will be about three times in a month that I will be late for work because trips are added to my van that makes the driver go 30 to 40 minutes out of the way to get someone else. I schedule my trips with plenty of time and with an arrival time to work of 9:30am every day. Today I am probably going to be there after 10:00am. If it were not a work trip, it would not be that big of a deal to me, but this is work and I need to arrive on time.
  • 4851 W Gandy Blvd Tampa, FL, 33611, USA - Bayside West
    My van was going to be 2 hours late picking me up from John F Germany Main Library. I had to cancel the trip and take Uber home instead. I would like HART to reimburse me for the cost of my Uber trip. I have the receipt to submit for reimbursement.
  • 900-998 N Marion St Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Downtown
    The bus was having issues and the driver was very Kind and informative to every one keeping us informed and letting us know what we would have to do and what time the next bus would be available to get us where we need to go.
  • Channelside Dr & E John F Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Channelside
    I had a pick-up time of 4:30 PM. I waited over 2 hours, and at 6:26PM, after I couldn't get an ETA to a van arriving, I decided to use Uber to get home. I am requesting a free ride since I had to pay Uber over $15 to get home.
  • 4908-4998 Shetland Ave Tampa, FL, 33615, USA - Town 'n' Country
    This operator went out of her way to help me, she did not make feel guilty because I over did it with my groceries. She was so kind and nice to me, She was very special to me and I appreciated very much.
  • 4908-4998 Shetland Ave Tampa, FL, 33615, USA - Town 'n' Country
    I will like to commend operator that pick me up this morning, She was very nice and kind to me and I really appreciated.
  • 1815-1919 Sterling Palms Ct Brandon, FL, 33511, USA - Brandon
    I depend on the bus to go to work and unfortunately there is no service on the weekend by my job. Is there any way HART could considerate to add something south of Bloomingdale Ave to Gibsonton Dr. That will really help me a lot and so many people that live in this area and don't have a way to get around. Every Saturday and Sunday I have to spend $30.00 on a Uber to get to my job. I will really appreciated if HART will take that in consideration.
  • 3633-3999 Bessie Coleman Blvd Tampa, FL, 33607, USA - Tampa International Airport Area
    I came on the bus at TIA the driver was doing a good job when the patron came on the bus and was being rude and curst at the driver and the driver kept his cool. His was very professional.
  • 407 Hudson Pl Seffner, FL, 33584, USA - Brandon
    HARTPlus picked me up late and now I'm late for work. The manifest is the problem. And I shouldn't have to pay for the fare for picking me up late.
  • 10156-10202 E Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL, 33610, USA - Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority
    I was picked up @ 10:55am. The driver drove around twice. Now I have to ride around while she drops off 2 other people. I do not mind riding when I am getting off of work, but I am suppose to be at work 11:30 am. I am going to be late.
  • E Fletcher Ave & N 15th St Tampa, FL, 33612, USA - University
    The bus stop on Fletcher Av. & 15th St. needs to be clean it small like is use like a bathroom.