Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 51,310
  • 3104 South Kings Avenue Brandon, FL - Brandon
    I saw that the bus stop glass is busted out where the advertising goes.
  • Customer Service Acknowledged
    Brandon Mall Brandon, Florida - Brandon
    I was trying to figure out the bus route when the driver indicated that the bust is "out of service" I then inquire when the next bus to downtown would be and the driver to go check the schedule. If I was a first time rider, I would be lost and confuse and would never use the service again. The drive could have indicated that the bus would come around again or that it would not pick up anyone until the schedule departure time. Instead I was mislead into believing there was an issue with the bus and if not for another passenger would have used uber or lyft.
  • 322 West Hillsborough Avenue Tampa, FL - South Seminol Heights
    Hillsborough Av @ Ola Av Stop # 5379 - E bound. Trash all over and someone left stale groceries in there.
  • 1211 North Marion Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    The seat first seat on this bus # 1712 needs to be clean it has righting on the back of it.
  • 8717 Twin Lakes Boulevard Tampa, FL - Egypt Lake-Leto
    I would like to suggest they put glass on the sides of the Shelter at the intersection of Bush & Himes. When it rains comes inside and you get all wet.
  • North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL - South Seminol Heights
    The 9:06 bus at stop 1220 was 3 minutes early, which made us miss our connection
  • East Cayuga Street Tampa, FL - East Lake-Orient Park
    This bus stop is filthy and needs to be cleaned up.
  • 3801 South Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL - Fairoaks
    JC bus bench at this location that needs to be removed. It is a concrete and wood bench.
  • East Cass Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    There is no covering or seating at the Bus Stop on Tampa St. and Cass St. People with medical issues have to stand in the hot sun, I was there for 20 min and leaning on a cane.
  • East 21st Avenue Tampa, FL - Ybor City
    Patrons of a Barber Shop keep parking their cars in front of the bus stop and there is no room for drivers to stop, so they keep going. I don't blame the drivers at all, I blame the Barber Shop for not having proper parking lot.
  • 1211 North Marion Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    Reflections Apartments call to request that a trashcan be added to the stop on route 42 # 6666.
  • 459 Brandon Town Center Drive Brandon, FL - Brandon
    Patron called to report wasp's and bee's at the bus stop.
  • 4010 Gunn Highway Tampa, FL - Greater Carrollwood
    I am a HARTPlus patron and I always get pick up from work and taken home, and even thought I live quite far from work It has never take more than 2 hours. Schedulers should plan a better manifest.
  • 3730 West Bay Avenue Tampa, FL - Gandy-Sun Bay South
    This operator only drives this bus on Mondays and Fridays and is always late. I missed my connection with the HARTFlex which leaves Britton Plaza at 8:00am. We arrived at 8:02am, however, the Flex was just getting ready to leave and I ask this operator to please honk his horn so I could get on it and he refused to do so. This has been happening for the last 6 weeks and he needs to be on time because this is costing me extra money just to get to work.
  • East 26th Avenue Tampa, FL - Tampa Heights
    Trash full
  • North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL - South Seminol Heights
    Trash full
  • Town 'N' Country FL - Town 'n' Country
    The glass is smashed out.
  • East Plymouth Street Tampa, FL - Tampa Heights
    Add trash can to stop 557
  • East Fletcher Avenue Tampa, FL - University
    This bus stop needs to be cleaned up. There food and trash all over and you can't even stand by the stop because it smells like urine and feces.
  • 9626 U.S. 301 Riverview, Florida - Riverview
    Has the bus schedule for the Fishhawk route 24 bus changed? The schedule says the bus will be at Riverview Oaks Park and Ride at 0616. I was there at 0616 this morning and did not see any sign of the bus. I waited 10 minutes and no bus showed up. Has the schedule changed?