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  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    Stop 5293 the Garbage is everywhere.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    My son is special needs and he has been on the van for 2 hours. It is not right that he has to ride for so long, and I feel that Hart should call us when our children are going to be late because, as a mother, I worry about his safety.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    I have been waiting outside dialysis since 4:15pm with a pick up time of 4:45pm. The van is now scheduled to arrive at 5:05pm, 20 minutes late. I don't think it is right that the van leaves after 5 minutes if I am late, but they can be as late as they want with no consequences.
  • Tampa FL - East Tampa
    The trash can is flowing over and there are beer bottles all over the place. Children are waiting for the bus and someone is going to get hurt. If someone could please empty the trash and clean it up.
  • 1910 N Florida Ave Tampa, FL, 33602, USA - Tampa Heights
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    Hart did not pick me up and now I'm missing my appointment.
  • HART Commendation Acknowledged
    16803 Dawnview Drive Greater Northdale, FL - Greater Northdale
    The Operator always get me to my destination on time and safe as well as others. He's friendly and courtesy.
  • 16083 Dawnview Drive Tampa, FL - Greater Northdale
    Patron suggest a later time for the Mission Bell route such as 830pm so that she will not miss it coming off of the 36 and 33.
  • HART Commendation Acknowledged
    16083 Dawnview Drive Tampa, FL - Greater Northdale
    This operator is very caring and helpful with people and kids. I wasn't feeling well and he helped me get off the bus.
  • 3516 North 22nd Street Tampa, FL - East Tampa
    How it's possible that if I get pick up at 5:00 am to go to my dialysis I get drop off at 7:00 am, This schedulers have to do a better job. When I finally got to dialysis my chair time has already pass and I lost my turn. Making me having to shorten my treatment, because HARTPlus took me to dialysis late. This is my life we are talking about.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    Metro Bus didn't show up.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    HARTPlus vans are consistently late picking me up at Dillards; they have been 40 minutes late. The store closes at 7pm and the lights are turned off. The sheriff who provides security for the mall said that it is too dangerous for me to stand out there after dark waiting for the van because I could get mugged. If I get mugged, I will contact a lawyer. Also the drivers have told me that dispatch adds other people that have to be picked up in between, so that makes them late getting to me.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    Why did they take the route 18 away? We need the route 18 back. Now we have to walk a ways to catch a bus. Why did they take the route 18 away? Where or what bus are we suppose to catch to get to the buses that we need to connect to get to where we need to go.
  • 400 North Ashley Drive Tampa, FL - Downtown
    Emely from Tampa Down Town Partnership call to report that the light poll on the Marion St. side need to be change or fix it is not coming on.
  • Tampa FL - Fairoaks
    This operator is very professional. There was tons of traffic and the patrons on the bus were very unruling and complaining wanting the operator to take a different direction. He kept focus and told everyone he apologized.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    I want to give a commendation to Dee. I was lucky enough to have dealt with her 2 times today. One with issues with students to get them to the correct bus route and Dee was calm and professional and worked the routing issue with me. Then at 6PM I called to help my mom on her HARTPlus and I got Dee again and as she was this afternoon, she was the same nice lady at 6PM. As I know, people in customer service tend to change throughout the day. Dee was wonderful and caring. I want you to know this and let someone know that the way Dee was with me, that is what we expect from customer service.
  • 1432 East Fletcher Avenue Tampa, FL - University
    The trash need to be empty it is not done very often. I work for the Fletcher Regency Plaza in the back of the stop and the owner does not like the trash on the property. I would like a call back on this matter.
  • I was waiting in my wheelchair at the above bus stop and waved at the bus for it to stop but it just kept going, never stopped to pick me up.
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    This driver was very professional and kind to the elderly passengers getting on and off the bus.
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown
    I want a call back for a N/S in January and I want a call from Kemly Green about a trip I just booked because I feel I should not have to wait all that time I want a explanation. I want a call back before I go on this trip tomorrow .Im just going to be in there 15 minutes and some is not right.