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  • 4305 East 21st Avenue Tampa, FL - Highland Pines
    This is the 3rd time this week that a bus driver gets lots and today it may cost me my job. This lady driving almost got into an accident 3 or 4 times and was lost for about 30 minutes. When we finally got to our area, she was not even able to drop us off on the correct stop so I had to end up walking to work, with a herniated disk in my back. I don't know who trains these drivers, but this was unacceptable. It's bad enough that every day this bus is up to 20 minutes late, but today we also got lost so I will be close to an hour late to work.
  • 1211 North Marion Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    Bus operator was driving reckless, weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Himes And Kennedy Tampa, Florida - Tampa Heights


    I arrived 5 minutes early and have not seen the bus, now the bus is more than 5 minutes late for the next one, so I have been waiting at 1 bus stop for more than 40 minutes now and still no bus. This is a pretty common issue and, the buses are not scheduled to link up with other routes for example, the bus 30 is scheduled to show up at Howard Avenue 3 minutes after the bus 14 is scheduled to go north from that location.

  • 2301 East Sligh Avenue Tampa, FL - Woodland Terrace
    The operator was very helpful; he helps the patron on a wheel chair get off the bus.
  • St. Joseph'S Hospital TAMPA, Florida - Plaza Terrace
    Upon arrival 11:30am I ask the bus the bus driver about being rerouted. He was more concerned with talking to the two guys standing next to him then answering my question. Next when we arrived at the first HCC bus stop he refused to let a female passenger exit from from the rear so that he could hit on her.
    Finally at 11:50am he decided to try and blow past my stop eventhough I pulled the cord, then decide to get into a yelling confirntation when called out for it.
  • 1211 North Marion Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    No ADA announcements made on the bus.
  • 5612 Pinnacle Heights Cir apt 202, TAMPA, Florida - Greater Carrollwood
    None of the drivers have done this route in the 20 minutes scheduled time, from NW transfer to Tampa Int. airport, and EVERY occasion in last month, they are driving the OLD 30 bus stops, somebody needs to go ride this and see what they are doing Wrong
  • 4305 East 21st Avenue Tampa, FL - Highland Pines
    This operator is taking off without letting me even get to the first seat. And he sees I have a suitcase and my hands are full.
  • North 14th Street Tampa, FL - North Tampa
    Caller described bus stops in both directions for Route 42, located at Linebaugh Ave. and 14th St, that do not appear on OneBusAway, but the caller insisted that he was looking at them and they had the ID's of 8007 and 8008. I called Dispatcher Jeff to attempt to confirm the existence of these stops but we were unable to determine for certain.
  • 1201 Orient Road Tampa, FL - Orient Park
    I would like to see the route 15 service the Orient Rd. Jail again, because it is a long walk to it from MLK blvd.
  • 4028 Truman Dr Server, Hillsborough , Florida - Mango
    9:30 am operator information not displayed on the bus. Operator very rude to passenger who did not understand that the farebox was not working. Passenger tried to get off at the next stop after he got on and the operator yelled you aren't riding my bus for 30 seconds and getting off you go sit back down. And the man tried to tell him he needed to get off at the next stop and the driver told him to sit down that he wasnt stopping The man sat back down and got off 3 stops later and started walking back the direction the bus came from. It seemed like the operator was mad at everyone that got on the bus because the box wasn't working so every time someone got on he yelled at them to sit down. When at a red light the operator stood up out of his seat to look at his cell phone..
  • North Oakleaf Avenue Tampa, FL - Lowry Park Central
    I was sitting at the bench waiting for bus 39. The bench is behind the sign. When I looked at my phone to look at One Bus Away, the bus driver drove past me and did not stop.
  • North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL - South Seminol Heights
    The trash is overflowing and bus stop needs to be cleaned.
  • 4305 East 21st Avenue Tampa, FL - Highland Pines
    Waiting to get on the bus, and I asked the driver to lower the bus, because I have hip problems. The driver looked at me as if he didn't want to lower it. And when he did lower it, I asked him if he could lower it any more, and he yelled at me saying "are you getting on or what, because I'm closing the door, I don't want to miss the light". When I got on, he closed the door on me and I got pinched in the door. After I got on I made a mistake putting in the bus pass he yelled again "That isn't where the pass goes". When we got to UATC, I took a picture of him to show a supervisor and he then started yelling at me and acting like he was trying to fight me saying "I will whoop your old butt" and "You look like a Pedophile". I was verbally abused from the moment I stepped on that bus. I am requesting a call back from a manager, because I want something to happen to this driver.
  • 4305 East 21st Avenue Tampa, FL - Highland Pines
    I was waving at the bus driver and the bus still went on to the left lane to turn at the light, and didn't stop to pick me and my daughter up. Even the other lady on the other side of the street saw me wave at the driver.
  • 1725-1799 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL - Northeast Macfarlane
    I had to run to get on the bus and had a lot of bags. If I did not tap on the side, the bus driver would have taken off. I was able to get on and at least she should have allowed me to sit down and put my bags up. Instead she took off and I had to hold on. I might look like a homeless person but I am not. The area there has a lot of homeless people. The bus driver should have been more courteous. If I were an older person, I would have fallen down.
  • 5205 North Rome Avenue Tampa, FL - Wellswood
    The last bus 45 going northbound passed by my house at a high rate of speed. I have called in numerous complaints for busses buzzing by my house at high speed. There is no way they are driving at the speed limit. The county put a counter a while back and have seen vehicles traveling at 65 MPH, but they cannot put speed barriers at that location. You need to slow down these drivers.
  • 11500 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL - Greater Carrollwood
    The route 16 did not stop at the red light on Water Ave and Himes Ave. I was getting of the route 36 when I saw the bus go by.
  • North 14th Street Tampa, FL - Historic Ybor
    Myself and several other people were waiting for the route 8 at 4th Ave and 14th St and the bus was 30 minutes late. I am now late for work and it is costing me lots of money and I could lose my job, if I do I will be do something about it. I will need to have a supervisor call my supervisor(Ray 813-215-0671) to let him know that it was not my fault I will be late for work.
  • 1211 N Marion St Tampa, FL - Downtown

    A customer called to report the following issue:
    • When calling 813-254-4278
    • I selected 1 for Bus Schedule information,
    • Selected Route 8
    • Selected 2 for a “Different time or day”
    • Selected 2 for “Monday through Friday schedule”
    • Entered time I wish to travel: 10 a.m.
    • Selected: Eastbound.
    • IVR responded that the routes Leaves at 10:10 a.m., then
    • I press 2 for “the previous trip” and the IVR indicates “there is no earlier trip on that direction”, when we do have earlier trips prior to 10 a.m.

    It looks like once you select a time, it does not let you listen to earlier times.