Ryan Smith

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 590
  • 9623 Union Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Downtown
    Protected left turn signal from Union Ave to North Frontage Road seemingly only turns green when a car is in the left-turn lane. This is a problem when a bicycle is waiting to turn left into the bike lane on North Frontage/Orange but no car is there to trigger the light to change.
  • Lawrence St At Whitney Ave New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Stop sign down for traffic on Lawrence approaching Whitney, seen on Saturday 1/28. TT&P has been notified by phone.
  • 50 Union Ave New Haven, CT - Long Wharf
    Traffic control has been lacking at Union Station on recent Friday nights. Many standing and parked cars block bus stops and travel lanes on Union Ave, creating significant pedestrian hazards.
  • 50 Union Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Long Wharf
  • 691 Whitney Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
  • Church St And Wall St New Haven Connecticut - Town_Green
    There is no pedestrian signal at this intersection in any direction. This is a concern at peak hours for pedestrians crossing Church on the north side of Wall, as vehicular traffic is continuous either turning left from Wall or oncoming on Church. Please consider installation of pedestrian signals at this intersection.