Imperial Gardens Apartments

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,140
  • Gaither Road Northwest Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Light out on pole at north most end of Putt Putt golf course (Funtasia) that lights our entry/parking area.
  • 2024 N. Memorial Pky Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    North side of our property (Bldgs A & B) along the fence - area belonging to the old cleaners (abandoned) - the weeds need to be cut inside of the fence.
  • 2024 N Memorial Pkwy Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Dumpster used by the red brick apartments located across the parking lot from our (Imperial Gardens Apt.) Building "P" on the north most corner of our property. It is never dumped before it starts overflowing.
  • 2024 North Memorial Pkwy Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    A street light is out on Gaither Rd. at our Building "P" - across the street. It is in between the Red Brick "Apts." and Imperial Gardens Apartments, at Building P.
  • 2024 N Memorial Pkwy Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    City came out 2 weeks ago with truck to clean out drainage ditch but didn't finish - left trash in the parking lot that is still there. We thought they would be back to finish because the ditch itself is not completely cleaned out.
  • Other Archived
    2024 N. Memorial Pkwy Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    My property backs up to a church and their fence is in need of repair. There is barbed wire falling down onto the street on my complex. They do not respond to our requests. Can you help?
  • 2030 N Memorial Parkway Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The roof on this end of the strip "mall" is falling in and it is a total health hazard and eyesore. We have tried to work with the owner to fix it/sell it, etc. but he will do nothing.
    Also, there are 2 cars parked in the back that haven't moved in a very long time.
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    700-750 Oakwood Avenue Northwest Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    High grass and weeds for sure, but there is a brick wall that totally blocks sight of westbound Oakwood St. traffic (very fast moving) when one exits Gaither St. from Imperial Gardens apartment complex and the Bible College. There have already been accidents here. The building located there on the corner looks vacant. Please help - I'm scared to go home that way.
    Karen Hakonsson, Apartment Manager 256/536-8491