Albert Cadda

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  • Hanover Street Meriden, CT - Meriden

    Does anyone pay any attention to the complaints listed on this web site. Or, is this for the city's general entertainment?
    I know Meriden is a pretty boring city, but, this "complaint center" just makes things more frustrating.

    P.S. I understand that the police monitor this web site. Why do they do that? For a good laugh? Oh, I can understand that.

  • East And West Main Streets Meriden, CT - Meriden

    I've lived all over the USA, and in dozens of U.S. cities. But, living in Meriden, Ct. has been an "experience".

    I've never seen a city this size (very small) in such disrepair. And no one seems to care. When you file a complaint with the appropriate authorities, they treat it like you are joking and ignore you. You file the same report two, three, or four times, and you get the same result - nothing! WHAT'S WRONG WITH MERIDEN, CT.?

    The Fire Department fights fires. The police pull motorists over for one thing or another. But, the public road works, and CL&P seem to be asleep on the job. In fact, I've never seen a DPW truck repairing the countless "potholes" this city has. Is there a DPW in Meriden, Ct.?