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  • Toilet Archived
    6 Somerset Ln. Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    There has been a port a potty across from 6 Somerset for the last 3 months despite no construction on this street. The street behind Somerset has construction- but it also has its own port a potty. Additionally, the Somerset port a potty has fallen off its footing and is on its way to tipping. Somerset residents shouldn't have to look at a port a potty that isn't servicing anyone and is about to tip. Please have developer move port a potty near construction or have it taken away.
  • 74 Sewell Rd. Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    In the area of the park with the children's castle there is a large airplane made of wood. It is red and on the wings there are two iron crosses painted. I do not believe them to be graffiti as they look professional painted; however, the iron cross is was created and used as a German courage medal during WWI and WWII. Nazi symbols are hardly appropriate in a park for kids. I am hoping this was simply a case of ignorance by whoever painted and OKed this.
  • 120 Cliffhaven Ct. Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    Small trees, weeds, grass growing at will along sides of community building at 120 Cliffhaven Circle. Local construction workers using sides of building as trash dumb- rusted wire grid, tires, busted plywood, dead trees all scattered about. Looks awful; additionally, kids go through there to get to the pool etc. dangerous.