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  • Roswell Greenway Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Roswell
    pole no longer fits in hole. pole is just set to the side so a large hole is a potential danger to riders and walkers and dogs. should be fixed so that the pole fits correctly. this is the pole that keeps motorized vehicles out and is able to be removed for emergency vehicles and maintenance.
  • Roswell Greenway Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Roswell
    large hole has developed on board on Greenway boardwalk. potential danger to walkers. whole board is pretty compromised and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • 537-615 Willeo Rd Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    All trees and bushes heading up Willeo towards Coleman Road need to be limbed up. currently the lowest branches obstruct the bike lane and it is not possible for a cyclist to ride in the bike lane due to the low hanging branches. ideally all branches should be limbed up to at least 7-8 feet above road as many cyclists like to stand when. climbing and need the appropriate clearance.
  • 930 Riverside Rd Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    tree down and blocking bike lane
  • Roswell Riverwalk Trail Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    significant tree obstructions along much of the riverwalk trail especially from azalea park/boat launch to Willeo Road. trees need to be limbed up as they obstruct walkers and bikers from using trail without having to go around them or get smacked in the head/face.
  • Roswell Riverwalk Trail Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    this sign incorrectly states that the trail ends however the trail continues by crossing azalea with a 10 foot wide path on Willeo to 120 then crossing 120 the trail continues up to Bulloch Hall and avenue. this issue was brought up in a meeting with parks department and was confirmed it could be removed and no longer accurate so just need it removed. thank you!
  • Roswell Riverwalk Trail Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    lid on light has no screws so can be removed or knocked off if bummed into. this happened at the Riverside sounds concert
  • 9015 Willeo Rd Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    heavy debris and limbs blocking bike lane. if possible to have cleared prior to the weekend. will be heavy cycling traffic on that road due to great weather and special event - Roswell Mayor's Ride
  • 1-99 Elizabeth Way Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    request this grate is replaced with a bicycle friendly version. this is located on Elizabeth way near the public bike racks at heart of Roswell park. as is clear in the picture the grate can fit a bike where and cause a potential crash.
  • 1-99 Elizabeth Way Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
  • 190 Azalea Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Mailboxes obstructing paved shoulder/bike lane. This location is in a curve, causing cyclists to take the lane in a dangerous area because motorists cross the center line to pass where they cannot see oncoming traffic. Looking at USPS guidelines it appears the closest part of the mailbox should be located 6"-8"" from the curb of the road. These are located with 0: of clearance and appear to be in violation of that recommendation.
  • 497-511 Riverside Rd Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    multi-use trail drainage issues at Riverside Park. this area in particular is really unusable after any kind of rain. even after the standing water recedes large deposits of mud are left in the path. this is slick and dangerous for pedestrian s and bikes.
  • 1401-1405 Old Alabama Rd Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Roswell
    branch blocking sidewalk and significant gravel in bike lane/bike shoulder approaching market Blvd intersection on old Alabama road. the gravel is significant approaching and through the intersection. requires bikes to leave bike lane and enter traffic lane which can cause dangerous interaction due to 40+ mph traffic on road.
  • Roswell Riverwalk Trail Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Roswell
    request bike lane cleaning from 400 bridge to old Alabama Rd junction. see photos. significant debris including gravel, broken tail lights, sticks, etc.
  • Old Alabama Rd Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Roswell
    request that barrels be moved to allow room for bike access up old Alabama. I use this road daily for my commute via bike and as seen in the pictures the barrels allow for bike access without me having to enter the traffic lane until they don't and now I am required to merge into vehicle traffic that is traveling 40+ mph.
  • Roswell Riverwalk Trail Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Roswell
    serious rust issues on all benches and picnic tables at Don white park. garbage cans have holes in the sides. Do not think benches are safe to sit on.
  • 211-499 Azalea Drive Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Large amount of glass in road on Azalea Dr West bound, 50 yards before Willeo - sorry no picture
  • Azalea Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Azaleas on Azalea drive are encroaching on the bike lane. Please trim back to allow use of bike lane where necessary. This is multiple Azaleas on azalea drive when traveling east bound toward Atlanta St./Riverside Drive.
  • 687 Riverside Drive Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    When riding a bike from Riverside/Dogwood intersection I have noticed that the underbrush along the Don White Memorial Park side of the road is blocking driver sightlines. Coming off of the light at Riverside/Dogwood cars try to pass bikes, but cannot see beyond the curve in the road and so the cars often begin to pass only to see cars approaching in the on coming travel lane coming around this slight turn. The cars then have to get back over creating unsafe situations for all involved. I am requesting that the underbrush be significantly trimmed back and thinned out in this area to provide better sight lines for drivers so they can know when it is safe to pass a bicycle rider and are able to do so providing the full 3 feet distance required by law. I have attached an image and I have also included a screenshot from Google maps. I believe if the underbrush was trimmed back similar to how it is along the rest of riverside this would allow better sight lines and improve safety for all road users.
  • 2174 Old Alabama Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Tree on Old Alabama is impeding safe travel by bicycles in the shoulder lane on Old Alabama Road approaching Barrington Drive East. See attached photo and also this screenshot from google maps Tree needs to be trimmed back. Currently I have to travel fully in the main travel lane to avoid this branch as it hangs low enough to fully block the shoulder lane area and is beginning to encroach on the full travel lane.