Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 585
  • 10643-10721 East Marginal Way South Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    As of late I seen people bucking the light at the Tukwila International Blvd and Boeing Access intersection (north bound) by taking the curved turn that is in theory to provide drivers access to E. Marginal South. They take the curve then cut across the E. Marg South (South bound lane) then around the traffic island and then taking a hard left to get on E. Marg South North bound to then get on Boeing access road. Can you please put an end to this before someone gets hurt? Thank you.
  • 118th And 42nd Ave Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    At the north end of the Duwamish Park parking lot the "No Parking" sign is being held up by 2 shoe laces (?) which are attaching it to the phone pole. The 4X4 post is completely gone at the bottom.
  • Illegal Parking Acknowledged
    118th And 44th Ave S Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    On the East side of Duwamish park there are now 2 RV's parked on 44th. The first one has been their long enough for them to setup leveling plates and the second one is the most recent addition having arrived sometime between 8 AM and 5 PM. Unless they are visiting someone in the neighborhood, I see no reason for them to be there. There is a KOA in Kent specifically setup for those visiting to stay at.
  • 11826 44th Ave S. Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    Individuals keep speeding on 44th Ave S. In fact, I've seen them cut over to 44th in order to avoid the motorcycle cops that run a speed trap that they setup in front of the old fire station on 42nd. I've had them pass me on the left side (while doing 25 MPH) as well as speeding up and down the road. If speed bumps are not a solution, my I suggest a 3 way stop where 118th "T" with 44th? May not slow them down completely but it will at least give them a wee bit less room to speed.