Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 430
  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    157 Ontario St Albany 12206 United States - Albany
    Throughout the week the tenants on this property leave their trash bins out on the curb and hardly return the bins to the side of their house. It is currently Friday and trash pick up is early Wednesday morning.
  • 157 Ontario St Albany 12206, United States - Albany
    Constant noise from both first and second floor. Loud music being played, children fighting, trash and toys left around. When talking to neighbors about noise they calm down temporarily and then resume chaos shortly after.
  • 155 Ontario St Albany Ny - Albany
    Sidewalk uneven causes for flooding and tripping. A pedestrian complained the other day about tripping and falling on the sidewalk
  • 157 Ontario St Albany, NY 12206, USA - Albany
    Sidewalk panel is raised so quite a few people have tripped on this panel. Also, it does not allow water from the rain to properly move so it sits there and has become slippery
  • Noise Complaints Acknowledged
    24 N Allen St Albany New York - Pine Hills
    People living there are always fighting with one another, mostly verbal but often results in physical injury. Police are always coming to break up numerous issues. Many times neighbors have had to ask them to turn down their music and they have refused and turned it up louder resulting in the police having to be involved.