Rank: Heman Civic Points: 5,340
  • 300 W. Freedley St. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    The street light in Park Alley is not working. It is very dark along here at night. Also, the stop sign is so dirty and worn that at night it is hardly visible. I am waiting for cars to collide where it intersects with one of the exits because drivers do not even stop. Could we get a street sign to designate this as Park Alley? I see other alleys in Norristown have street signs. It might be helpful in the case emergency responders get a call.
  • Markeley And Brown Sts. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    Is there anything that can be done at this intersection that faces Eisenhower Middle School? A tree or two were planted and some grass seed put down, but this large grassy area is not at all attractive. This street was rebuilt and new trees planted, but this patch really needs some good landscaping.
  • East Freedley St. And Powell St. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    Is it the homeowners' responsibility to have the cobblestone sidewalk along Freedley St. that reaches Powell St. repaved? The same situation exists on the beginning portion of Powell St. as you turn right on Powell from Freedley. Some of the homes on this street are rentals. The cobblestones (bricks) that make up the sidewalk are really not safe to walk on. Some bricks are even missing. One of these days someone (perhaps myself!) is going to faceplant walking along this street and it's not going to be a pretty sight.
  • Pine And Freedley Sts. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    The concrete on this curbside (on the side across from the firehouse) is broken and metal bracing is exposed. In fact, there are several places along that block of Freedley St. where the curb is broken.
  • 225 Juniper St. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    The owner of this property has a landscaping business. Why does he weed his property and leave the debris on the sidewalk so others have to walk around it? It's been sitting there for a couple of weeks.
  • 306 W. Freedley St. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    The street light on W. Freedley St. (between Markley and Juniper Sts.) is burn out.
  • 306 W. Freedley St. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    I'm wondering why the streets are not being cleaned. We don't park our cars on designated streets on certain days and yet I still see trash. At Juniper St. and W. Freedley, in particular, there are still mounds of leaves that were never collected in the fall. I understand we've hard a rough winter with all that snow, but yesterday was milder and sunny and my street was never cleaned. Why must we move our cars if no cleaning is going to be done?
  • Blackberry Alley Norristown, PA - Norristown
    Boots and trash along Blackberry Alley have not been picked up in weeks, maybe months.