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  • Rock Pasture Rd Branford Center, CT - Branford Center
    There is a major coyote problem coming from the top of Rock Pasture Rd. We have seen at least 3 of them in our back yard. They do not scare off at all, no matter what we do. Lots of children dogs, cats, etc. In the area. Please help.
  • Traffic Light Archived
    Stannard Ave And Short Beach Rd Branford, CT - Branford Center
    The traffic light on Stannard Ave leading to Short Beach Rd needs to be adjusted or reviewed. It will not change if a motorcycle comes to the light, it seems like it only changes based on the weight of a car. The motorcycles/scooters/bicycles that sit and weight for the light end up running it after about 5-10 min of sitting there, unless a car pulls up behind it. It's annoying and dangerous at the same time. They'll sit out there revving their engines and then finally take the chance to turn left risking oncoming traffic and being hit or killed. Please review this light. and change the way that it indicates when the traffic on Stannard Ave can go. Perhaps on a timer rather than based on a car sitting at the light like it is now, because it's not registering light weight cycles. Please before someone is killed because they take a chance and run a light that won't change.
  • Stannard Ave Branford, CT - Branford Center
    Red house on Stannard Ave 2nd on left from traffic light has dogs that bark all day everyday starting around 630a until sometimes 9=10p. These dogs get loose and roam as well. They haven't any shots, and are very aggressive. I'm afraid my dog or child will be attacked when they are running free. I have seen them chase joggers, and people riding bikes. My baby can't nap because of the noise. Numerous calls to animal control does nothing because they know them and warn them, I think it's unfair, and something needs to be done ASAP before someone is harmed.
  • Stannard Ave Branford, CT - Branford Center

    There is excessive speeding on Short Beach Rd. People are always running the lights at the intersection of Short Beach Rd and Stannard Ave. because of the speeding my dog was killed yesterday by a speeding pizza delivery guy who also ran the red light. Our dogs leash snapped an was innocently killed, he never had a fighting chance. That man was ping do fast he never even braked or skidded, next time it could be a child or a person. Something needs to be done about this speeding before another life is claimed.
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    UPDATE FEB 2013 - If you check police records from Jan. 18th or 19th not sure which day exactly there was a rollover accident from a young man speeding and driving while intoxicated, he hit the telephone pole after the bend and before the traffic light, flipped then slid several feet down the road. This issue will never be foxed if police aren't here doing anything about it, or perhaps maybe more traffic lights all the way down the road.