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  • 711 N 2nd Street Beaumont, TX - Beaumont
    The grass at Gulf Nd Harrison stfddt is more than 5 feet tall in some areas. Please mow the grass. The view of pedestrians and motorists is obstructed. Please mow the lot.
  • 9515 Washington Blvd Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
  • 9515 Washington Blvd Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
  • 2005 Stacy Drive Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
  • 7735 Lawrence Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
  • 9000 Dishman Rd Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    The grass all around the soccer fields has gotten dangerously high. There are several snakes and I've had to pull ticks off of my dog every time we go out for a walk. Could the grass be mowed in the near future?
  • Phelan Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    On phelan near the goodwill drop off place on the side going towards dowlen . Part of the curb is poking out into the street way too far. Hit my wheel on it. Needs to be fixed!
  • 2970 Milam St Beaumont, TX, 77701, USA - Beaumont
    Several months back I spoke with a Water Quality Inspector about the sewer lines at my business. The inspector acknowledged that the backed up sewer we were having in our facility was in relation to the condition of the city sewer lines we are connected to and that the City would need to do some work. We have not seen or heard anything since that time and still experience sewer backing up into our building quite frequently.
  • 2420 N Lynwood Dr Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    The clean out pipes dont have the cap on them. Which results to feces and other unsanitary things to come out every time it rains. I have spoken with the landlord multiple times and does nothing. The issue is the dirty water comes into my driveway.
  • 2440 Primrose Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
  • Traffic - Lighting Acknowledged
    660 N 23rd St Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
  • 7995 Jackson Rd Beaumont, TX, 77706, USA - Beaumont
    Building has been vacated since Harvey. Yard is only mowed after complaint is filed.
  • 6515 Bigner Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    Beehive on lightpole
  • Traffic - Lighting Acknowledged
    265 Dowlen Rd Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    Street light along Phelan, near Bank of America, is out
  • 6955 Blarney Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    Water main leak. Water seeping thru cracks in street and over the curb by mailbox.
  • 6487 Tahoe Dr Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    The street pavement that butts up to my driveway is heavily damaged and in need of immediate replacement. I am assuming and hoping I am taking the proper steps to requesting assistance. I have seen work being done in my neighborhood on several driveways and my next door neighbor being one of them. Please help me or let me know what o need to do for assistance. Thank you in advance.
  • Other Archived
    950 San Jacinto Street Beaumont, TX - Texas - Beaumont
    The trash was not collected on our side of the street, on Tuesday, June 18, 2019
  • 2350 Sycamore St Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    Trucks leaving the refinery do not realize that both west bound lanes of Madison turn left at the light(Irving). Trucks need to be in the right lane in order to make a wide left turn, however not realizing it, they approach in the right lane. This creates a very dangerous condition as they are now in the wrong lane for the turn. A simple sign , about halfway to Irving , telling trucks to use right lane would alleviate the hazard.
  • Landis Dr & S Major Dr Beaumont, TX, 77707, USA - Beaumont
    The traffic light at US-90 College St and Major Drive cross used to change back immediately allowing south bound traffic on Major Drive then north bound after Rail train pass. Few months ago, it started acting differently which doesn't make much sense because most traffic are hold up on south and north bound Major drive.
  • 3340 Cherry Dr BEAUMONT, Texas - Beaumont
    The street is a through street for when the train is crossing Delaware and Concord. Drivers use Cherry Drive as an altermate to get back to Concord. The concern is the speed they are driving and the kids are out playing worried could not get out of the streets fast enough.