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  • 6940 Ann Arbor Saline Rd Saline 48176, United States - Lodi Township
    Dead tree has let loose and is listing towards the roadway and may be touching the low voltage wires along the road on the west side of AS-Saline north of the City limits.
  • 300-330 Mills Road Saline, Michigan - Saline
    There is a collection of debris in the east gutter of Mills Road impeding drainage during rain. It appears to be leaves leftover from Fall that were not picked up or raked into the streetway. To avoid clogging drains, flooded basements, and costly repairs, please inspect for valid actions.
  • 130 S 1st St Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    railbridge lights out
  • 1401-1453 South Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    The signal now operates for Stadium, however, Stadium traffic does not warrant the signal length, which causes very long backups (past Scio Church) along with merging conflicts. Request timing optimization to favor the traffic on Main while current road configurations is in effect. Favoring may need to alternate morning and evening.
  • Interstate 94 Ypsilanti, Michigan - Ypsilanti
    The sign after the entrance of Huron Street (BUS US-12) is missing the US-12 shield in conjunction with the I-94 shield when traveling westbound. The Eastbound is fine.
  • Lohr Road Washtenaw County, Michigan - Washtenaw County
    There is a fallen tree that fell into the roadway a few days ago. The roadway part was destroyed or taken care of however on the shoulder sticks a 4-6" round limb at nearly a 90' angle to the roadway. It is mostly visible in the daylight, at night a slight drift over the white line will cause you to hit it without warning. The location is about 1/4 mile north of Textile Road located on the West side of Lohr.
  • 200 Mills Rd Saline, MI 48176, USA - Saline
    This limb has been in the gutter for several days. This is not the parking side of roadway. The limb looks larger than what yard waste can handle.
  • 300-302 E Liberty St Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    Roadway around manhole is sinking causing a depression and then table in the roadway. Separation is slowly progressing over the past year. Picture does not show full depth
  • Pothole Archived
    1168-1198 S Huron St Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA - Washtenaw County
    The right turn lane appears to have crumbled away and the snow pack is left as the lane. When it melts I am not sure what will be there as a lane. That could pose danger when it does. Adding cones may prevent further damage.
  • 910 Austin Drive Saline, Michigan - Saline
    An accident (tire tracks) appears to have knocked over the stop sign and street sign at the corner of Austin Road and Austin Drive. the sign post is at a 15 degree angle and all signs appear in good tact.
  • 7215 North Ann Arbor Street Saline, Michigan - Saline
    The walk signal for Woodland crossers on the east side of Ann Arbor street is not working properly - the signal does not display any indication.
  • 6216 Ann Arbor-Saline Road Saline, Michigan - Lodi Township
    Snow was pushed from private property into the public ROW causing drivers to have unexpected road conditions. (ref:,4616,7-151--269193--,00.html)
  • Other Archived
    100 W Us 12 Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Signage for US12 as it approaches Monore and Mills needs lane usage signage. For years, the left lane ended, there was no left turn lane, and the right lane could turn and merge thru on US12. Now, the lanes need to be identified with overhead signage -or- pavement markings, or both. This will help with the new traffic flow and stop swerve merges on US12. I suggest overhead signage similar to what I have drafted. I realize this may be the jurisdiction of MDOT or WCRC but I hope Saline can help solicit.