Tim Courtney

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 330
  • Central Row Hartford Connecticut - Downtown

    At around 6:10pm I was riding my bike westbound on Central Row. Bus 508 was picking up passengers. When they pulled out, they almost hit me on my bike, despite the fact I had a flashing headlight. I had to move into the left lane to avoid being hit, thankfully there wasn't a car passing.

    This intersection needs to have complete streets facilities. I suggest a floating bus boarding island and route a protected bike lane behind it. This is in the NATCO guide and common in Europe. The intersection itself should have protected islands for bikes and pedestrians to reduce crossing distance and calm traffic.

  • Trumbull And Asylum Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Lots of un-used space here. This is a perfect example where the curb could be extended to tighten turning radius and reduce vehicle speed when entering the intersection. This would cause drivers to pay closer attention to pedestrians, and cross the crosswalk at a right angle, increasing pedestrian safety.

    Great place for a tactical urbanist project that adds paint and flexposts as a temporary measure to achieve the same effect, before budget can be found to make it permanent.

  • Charter Oak And Willys Hartford, Connecticut - Sheldon Charter Oak

    This is a very wide intersection with long pedestrian crossing distances. Cars traveling on Columbus and Willys speed around blind corners. It's not unusual for cars to completely ignore the red light.

    Sneckdowns appeared during the last snowstorm, showing the entire width of the intersection is not used and does not impede traffic. This intersection could be improved by adding curb extensions that reduce pedestrian crossing distances and provide a traffic calming effect. Crosswalks need to be re-striped and would be great candidate for public art to raise visibility.

  • 330 Main St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Hartford
    Main and Charter Oak has long pedestrian crossing distances. The southeast corner could be narrowed significantly. Creative opportunity could be an on-street park with planters and paint as traffic calming measure. Increases pedestrian safety and decreases vehicle speed.
  • 140 Huyshope Ave Hartford Connecticut - Sheldon Charter Oak

    I use the 59 Locust St. bus to get downtown Hartford and connect to other lines. The return service stops very early in the evening and I can't get home by bus. I end up walking or taking an Uber.

    I hope the 59 service can go outbound from downtown to the residential stops late, so residents can use public transportation for social activities too.