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  • 4190 Nw 93rd Ave Gainesville, FL, 32653, USA - Alachua County
    There are numerous potholes that keep growing larger everyday. The holes have had white paint circles drawn around them for weeks. Nothing has been done and it gets worse everyday.
  • 8620 Southwest 111 Terrace Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
  • 98th St Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Thank you for the repairs on the sidewalk/paved path. It will make it safer for everyone.
  • 420 Sw 80th Dr Gainesville, FL, 32607, USA - Alachua County
    8003 SW5th Ave gainesville, fl 32607 Sinkhole in yard and edge of road Approx 2'x2' Soil under road caving in
  • 420 Sw 80th Dr Gainesville, FL, 32607, USA - Alachua County
  • 6400 Sw 20th Ave Gainesville, FL, 32607, USA - Alachua County
    Abandoned vehicle at this address. Car has been there for more than a year. Expired tag E77N. Silver Dodge car with large dent in Driver's side passenger door.
  • 4407 East University Avenue Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    The pile of trash consist of household items, old furniture, clothing, old carpets and other potential hazardous materials The items were taken out of the house right on front. The trash is blocking the sidewalk. Persons in wheelchairs and pedestrians are forced to walk on the road (East University Ave.) to get across the area. This is also a school zone and many children walk this route.Trash has been piled there for more than 3 weeks. Can someone take care of this issue? Thanks
  • Trash/Debris Acknowledged
    1-499 Ne 43rd Ter Gainesville, FL, 32641, USA - Alachua County
    Large pile of trash. It looks like someone moved out of the house and placed the trash, furniture, and other debris on the sidewalk, along the roadway. It's been there for several weeks.
  • 2327 Nw Cr 235 Newberry, Florida - Alachua County
    Recently crews were in my area cutting trees and brush away from power lines. Once brush was cut back, a large hole in the ground was uncovered. The hole is only a few feet off the road.
  • Trash/Debris Archived
    1756 Sw 44th Ave Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    There is a buildup of mud and leaves on both edges of the street which has blocked the storm drains causing the road to flood during a heavy rainstorm
  • 12231 W University Ave Newberry, FL, 32669, USA - Alachua County
    Black trash bag sitting on property next to Street for at least three weeks
  • 8456 Sw 14 Lane Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    My Big Blue Recycle bin has almost collapsed. I was told it would be replaced over two months ago. I’m still waiting. Thanks
  • 6900 Northwest 9th Boulevard Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    This pond is brown and disgusting. Not sure if it needs to be drained or have chemicals put in it, but it does not look healthy.
  • 908 Northwest 69th Terrace Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Please put in a sidewalk. There are students that go to SIA Tech and they walk to and from school at the busiest time in the road!
  • 250 Southwest 131st Street Newberry, Florida - Alachua County
    ongoing speeding issue in town of tioga. hoa referred my to public works instead of sheriff
  • 12819 Se Cr 234 Micanopy, Florida - Alachua County
    Spoke with Lucas at Alachua county court house today re: name change form that would be mailed to me b/c my drivers license is up for renual and the name on my birth cirtificate was incorrect & had to have it legally changed ~ 1983. stated to send email so they could send me a copy of the legally name change Alachua County courthouse ~ 1983. I need this document in order to renew my drivers licence.
    Elena Christina Tozzo (now Clark 7/25/61 born in Patterson Jersey. Lucas informed me to email to send the form so I can get my drivers licence renewed,. Thanks 352-665-0993.
  • Tree/Limbs Archived
    9326 Nw 17th Pl GAINESVILLE, FL - Alachua County
    A top portion of a large pine tree has fallen and is hanging, suspended by a couple of other smaller trees. The tree is slowly falling, and when it could potentially land in our yard and cause property damage or personal harm.
  • Tree/Limbs Archived
    6527 Nw 27th Place Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Limb hanging precariously in back yard.
  • Tree/Limbs Archived
    1708 Sw 35th Place Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
  • Road Repair Archived
    10219 Sw 41st Ave GAINESVILLE, FL - Alachua County

    pothole has returned at the fromt of the subdivision at 24th and 100th street. Small to medium in size.