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  • Nw 138th Terrace Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    The stop sign at NW 138 Terrace on east side at NW 2nd Lane is blocked by bushes. The sign appears to be too short so that cars heading west on NW 2nd Lane at 138th Terrace fly through the stop sign. Several near collisions have been observed. It is rare that a west traveler stops at the sign.
  • 5920 Nw 138th Terr GAINESVILLE, Florida - Alachua County
    There is so much water here about 4.5 feet deep and way to long for any car to get through need help!!!
  • Tree/Limbs Cerrado
    10115 Southwest 15th Place Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Tree has fallen in the intersection of SW 15 Pl and SW 101 ST
  • 5920 Nw 138th Terr Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    We nees help we are stuck in oir subdivision with 4 feet of water and its about 35 feet long or more please help. At first it was only a little but with this rain no one cause get in or out...
  • 6626 Nw 90th Street Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Marmaduke west Neighborhood Flooding due to storm water need assistance to move the water away. The water is coming from the County property ‘Oak Hammock ‘to multiple homes’ front and back yard flooding. Please come take a look at it and find a lasting solution to this serious problem
  • 3603 Nw 98th Street Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Storm drain/inlet gets damaged from excessive flooding. Washout. Then gets clogged from debris. Now water is ponding and does not drain correctly. Water is eroding around the outside of the storm pipe. This is the third occurrence I believe.
  • 22229 Nw 190th Ave High Springs, Florida - High Springs
    The culvert that runs through the property located at 22229 NW 190th Avenue is not properly draining. Flooded dangerously during the rain yesterday. Please send help!
  • 14027 Nw 10 Rd Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    A redesign of the intersection of nw 143 street and Newberry road along with timer for turning onto Newberry rd east bound right of way has resulted in 3-5 light changes to pass through the intersection where 1-2 used to be the norm. 7-9am and 4-6pm are the worse times however Jonesville park and funeral home traffic can make this occur at other times. Please adjust the timer at least during peak traffic times to allow for a release in traffic congestion.
  • 105 Nw 12th Ter Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    Overgrown weeds on City Right of Way
  • Nw 234th Ave alachua , Florida - Alachua County
    mowing has only been done one time this year the county should be on the 3rd or 4th time .
  • 1262 Southwest 88 Terrace Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Someone has knocked over the stop sign
  • 7030 Sw 45 Ave Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    broken move out items at cul de sac curb have been there 3 weeks.need pick up
  • Road Repair Archivado
    C.R 346 Micanopy, Florida - Alachua County
    C.R. 346 between 441 and SE 58th Terrace, coming up on the Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall on south side (but there's a smaller one in opposite lane, too). THIS IS A SMALL BUT DEEP POTHOLE the kind that slams your whole vehicle. Absolutely bone-jarring. Been there a couple months. Please help.
  • 622 Sw 80th Blvd Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Dead rabbit, probably rabies, in my backyard
  • Other Archivado
    Sw 140 Terrace And W Newberry Road Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Can an access road be created from the 400 block of SW 140 Terrace to the new construction expanding SW 8th Avenue west to connect with SW 143rd Street?
    Please contact me Dorinda Nobles, 352/222-2542, blondigator109@gmail.
    Thank you!
  • Sw 102 St Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
  • 10170 48th Place Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Large hole in middle of road
  • 5501 Sw 82nd Terrace Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    the lady at the above address always has a bunch of junk out in front and makes the collector pick it up.. not fair to him, she stands there yelling at him to get this get that. today she made him take a big white leather lounge chair, its just not today it's like every Monday she throws a fit until he gets some of her crap in the truck..Its not his fault , its her! I told her to put all of her crap out there at once and call for bulk, but she says no he will get it.. I don't want to get him or me into trouble, I just feel so bad for him for he works hard enough.. thanks for listening.. ps right now there is a pole with a satellite dish on it with concrete,, im glad he didn't take that.. it's now blocking the mail boxes..
  • 11416 Nw Us Highway 441 Gainesville, FL, 32653, USA - Alachua
    I cannot find the exact category but this is close. There is often a strong chemical odor in the air when driving by this facility. It burns the nose and throat and causes a headache.
  • Sw 75th Street Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County