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  • 10382 Sw 98th Ln Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Recycling not picked up on my side of road. All houses still have containers out.
  • 6121 Northwest 218 Avenue Alachua, Florida - Alachua County
    When able, would you please have an evaluation on the limestone road, NW 218TH AVE between 58TH Terrace and NW 75TH ST just west of HWY 121 North of La Crosse, conducted to see if warrants a repair. The recent rains have caused a 12"-18" deep trench in the middle of the road marked in red for the approximate location causing a very potential driving hazard.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • Road Repair クローズド
    Southeast Hawthorne Road Hawthorne, Florida - Alachua County
    Around the large corner on the right hand lane, the asphalt is coming apart, I now have two large cracks in my windshield from rocks. Can you please fix this.
  • Road Repair ADIは、
    72002 Sw 8th Ave Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    SW 8th Avenue between Tower Rd and 75, This road has been under construction for over a year, Our area is Woodside Villas, on the entrance to our neighborhood there are hole caused by you all. Also, what in the heck is going on with the road, to make a left hand turn into our complex there is a big dip between the soil and the dip is scraping the bottom of our cars. this is so unacceptable. It seems to be a waste of money when you all paint a white line for what. Plus just because we are not Haile or any of the rich neighbordhoods doesn't give you the right to not get this road drivable. Plus we used to have a sidewalk on the Northside of the road we dont have one now. Honestly when will this be fixed.
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance クローズド
    8201 Nw 15th Place Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Branches Hanging low over roadway. Falling in street and impeding Delivery traffic.
  • 10707 Sw 8th Ave GAINESVILLE, FL - Alachua County
    the sand under the sidewalk was completely washed away. A repair crew came, patched the visuals and drove on the sidewalk which had no base. This cracked the sidewalk. The current rain storms did this.
  • 7350 Nw 115 Rd Alachua/Alachua, Florida - Alachua
    A street light at 7350 NW 115 RD, Alachua (Turkey Creek Gold Course), pole #12211, is out
  • 7454 Sw 65th Pl Gainesville, FL, 32608, USA - Alachua County
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    6600-6630 Sw 75th St Gainesville, FL, 32608, USA - Alachua County
    A vehicle ran over all 5 of the chevron arrow signs at the bend at the entrance to the Brytan neighborhood, they are all mangled and sitting on the ground, and no reflectors are visible marking the turn at night time now.
  • 3021 Sw 70th Lane Gainesville, FL - Alachua County
    Tree fell and blocked SW 70th lane. I cut and cleared roadway, but trunk and debris are in right of way. Its too big for me to move/dispose of.
    Thank you.
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    S W 202 Street Newberry/ Alachua, Florida - Alachua County
    Stop sign down on end of S W 202 street and Newberry Road.
  • Road Repair Archived
    1926-4198 Sw Wacahoota Rd Micanopy, FL, 32667, USA - Alachua County
    The road is very difficult to drive on because of how narrow it is and rough. The speed limit is 45 but I have to drive slower because it will mess up my alignment.
  • Road Repair Archived
    2251-2399 Sw 84th St Gainesville, FL, 32607, USA - Alachua County
    There is a pothole in the right most lane exiting left from SW 84th ST onto 24th
  • Tree/Limbs Archived
    5928 Nw 33rd Ave Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    The tree is in the median along NW 33rd across from the address provided. It looks dead. Depending how it falls, it could hit a power line. If it falls, it could hurt someone and would likely block the road.
  • 7304 Nw 115 Rd Alachua, Florida - Alachua
    A light on pole #12208 near 7304 NW 115 RD, Alachua, 32615, is damaged and is not functioning.
  • 1417 Nw57th Street Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Recycle missed scheduled Tuesday pick-up
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    Nw 80th And Newberry Road Intersection Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Sign has fallen down
  • 4190 Nw 93rd Ave Gainesville, FL, 32653, USA - Alachua County
    There are numerous potholes that keep growing larger everyday. The holes have had white paint circles drawn around them for weeks. Nothing has been done and it gets worse everyday.
  • 8620 Southwest 111 Terrace Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
  • 98th St Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Thank you for the repairs on the sidewalk/paved path. It will make it safer for everyone.