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  • 4915 Oxford Drive Siesta Key, Florida - Siesta Key
    Safety !! speeding boat in Grand Canal. There is NO signage at the entrance to Grand Canal or anywhere else that indicates boat speed. It is a "minimum wake" zone. Children swim in the canal. Today, a boat came in and back out on plane at about 30-35 MPH. Navigation channel is less than 30 ft wide. Yesterday several children were swimming in this exact spot at the same time. The boat captain would never have seen them in time.; Replacement signage has been promised months ago by FWC but NOTHING has materialized. Since there is no realistic way for sheriff to enforce or protect, SIGNAGE is our only defense. Please expedite a solution !!! This is not the first time this problem has been raised to county government !!
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    4915 Oxford Drive Siesta Key, Florida - Siesta Key

    speeding boat traffic on Grand Canal.
    Winter "season" and "spring break" have brought out the partying boaters. Unfortunately, they are not focused on safety or conservation of the waterways. Convenience is their main driving factor and overloaded boats, with inattentive captains are more frequent this time of year. They ignore or are unaware of speed laws. This endangers people, property and wildlife. Manatees can't avoid quickly, children frequently swim close to their docks in the canal, children and fishermen often are in small boats/kayaks and the captains are distracted by the party on their boat to see them soon enough and going too fast to avoid an accident.
    Additionally, the larger wake from boats impacts the moored boats, floating docks and causes erosion adjacent to and under our seawalls. (I have engineer's reports to prove that)

    Firstly, there should be more and better signage to alert boaters to the rules. Perhaps temporary floating signs or buoys could be installed.
    Secondly, a Sherrif's patrol regularly would help as a visual reminder that the law is watching their behavior.

    Cudos to the majority of boaters that are careful but some are recklessly unaware and it only takes ONE to cause a problem. We should be doing more to educate and encourage responsible boating in our waterways and to protect our people, property and the environment.

  • 849 Siesta Key Circle Siesta Key, Florida - Siesta Key
    the marker pilon at the mouth of Grand Canal has been down for quite a while. It bears signs for minimum wake and manatee caution.
  • 4848 Oxford Drive Siesta Key Florida - Siesta Key
    curb has been broken by large semi truck running over the curb. No info available as to the identity of the semi truck. This break is a trip hazard as the curb encircles a small median and sitting area in the circle at the North dead end of Oxford Drive (officially known as Oxford Circus). When people step into the center of the median, they have to negotiate around this broken curb. This area of the curb is unstable.
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    5029 Oxford Dr Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Center of road just north of St Albans and Oxford intersection. Hole is completely through pavement to the sand