Cogswell Avenue Resident

  • 33 Walden St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    This issue was first reported in 2016; three years later in 2019, the situation is ever more precarious and dangerous to Cogswell Ave residents, especially elderly and those with kids. Nothing has been done. This street needs to be closed to non residents, otherwise there is a real issue and severe accident/ disaster waiting to happen. If this situation has been reassigned and Hanes to other Department, we need to know which one and a contact person in charge for transparency and feedback purposes.
  • 8 Cogswell Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
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    Mead Street & Cogswell Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Traffic speeds through and bottlenecks every afternoon: people use these streets to avoid the back up at the mass ave light as they come down the bridge on Walden Street; they seem to want to cut across mass ave from Cogswell to Russel street. It's not easy to get across mass ave from Cogswell in the afternoons so traffic backs up, jams, bottlenecks, making it impossible for we who live on this street to go anywhere: we are virtually trapped. For reasons of kids in the neighborhood and any emergency we might face and need to get in a car and seek help, we are severely constrained. There needs to be a sign posted "Do Not Enter" from 3-7 at corner of Walden and Mead Street or some such to correct this problem.