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  • 3035–3055 Weslayan St Houston 77027, United States - River Oaks
    Lights flashing red
  • Drainage Acknowledged
    3903 Colquitt St Houston 77027, United States - River Oaks
    Storm drain is completely full of debris, causing localized street flooding. Please clean drain.
  • 4015 Southwest Fwy Houston 77027, United States - West University
    Area between feeder and hwy59 is overgrown with 4 foot tall grass and weeds.
  • 3918 Colquitt St Houston 77027 United States - River Oaks
    Just had my sewer lines checked by plumber. We found sewer main to be full of water. Please send a water jet truck to flush out the main sewer line and prevent a back up. Thank you.
  • Other Acknowledged
    5630 Flack Dr Houston 77081 United States - Bellaire
    Recycling is picked up on Tuesday. It’s Thursday night and still no recycling collection.
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    3301 La Salle Street Houston, TX 77027, United States of America - River Oaks
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    3998 Colquitt Street Houston, TX 77027, United States of America - River Oaks
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Us-59 & Southwest Fwy Houston, TX 77098, USA - Montrose
    Trash dumped under the 59 offramp right before Kirby. Can be seen from the feeder heading East.
  • Other Archived
    1911 Ridgewood St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
  • 5298 S Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77098, USA - Rice
  • 5023 Beechnut St Houston, TX 77096, USA - Meyerland
    Flashing light creates major back ups.
  • 5630 Flack St Houston, TX 77081, USA - Bellaire
    Sewer line constantly backs up. Multiple plumbers have stated that the problem is due to crumbling or clogged sewer main. Please send someone to flush the sewer main.
  • 3000 Weslayan St Houston, TX 77027, USA - River Oaks
  • 4015 Sw Freeway Service Rd Houston, TX 77027, USA - West University
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    8000-8098 S Renwick Dr Houston, TX 77081, USA - Bellaire
  • 3123-3199 N Braeswood Blvd Houston, TX 77025, USA - West University
    Lights are flashing red creating terrible traffic
  • 2030 North Blvd Houston, TX 77098, USA - Rice
    Several clean-outs on this street are overflowing with backup waste. Because of the multiple overflowing clean-outs this must be a sewer main clog or cave-in caused by recent new construction the street. Please send out a water-jet truck to investigate ASAP. The smell is terrible and attracting flies and later tonight possibly rodents. Poe elementary school is across the street and this may also affect their plumbing.
  • Pothole Archived
    2109 Morse St Houston, TX 77019, USA - Montrose
    Pothole creates standing water
  • 3306 La Salle St Houston, TX 77027, USA - River Oaks
    Waterjet truck was here yesterday but problem is still not resolved. They could not find the downstream manhole to finish unclogging the sewer main. Please send truck to drain manhole then scope the pipe and unclog it. This is an emergency the smell is horrible!
  • 3301-3317 La Salle St Houston, TX 77027, USA - River Oaks
    Sewer manhole near 3306 is full and will overflow soon. Plumber is unable to tap into main line until clog is resolved. Smell is terrible.