• 340 40th Ave N Unit 19 St Pete, fl - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    5-3-2017 This morning the sounds of loud banging, metal being torn of unit and finally a crashing sound of entire mobile collapsing to ground. Park Manager observing from a distance and 2 young men that had been doing demolishion. All vehicles involved plain unmarked local cars. No business or city vehicles visualized. All rubbish on ground where it landed.
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    Unit # 19 in trailer park with homes within 3 ft of each other and children and disabled individuals living nearby. Unit walls/ shattered glass/ torn aluminum and rubbish not contained to prevent injury to community. This has been reported twice before without any evidence of city involvement or clean up . I am extremely disappointed in the lack of city code enforcement/ value of human life and safety.
  • 340 40th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Trailers torn walls exposing residents and especially children to sharp metal all around UNIT. Please come to investigate this property declining status without concern by management.
  • 4000 3rd Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Our alley has many loose pieces of asphalt and pitted areas. I believe these are safety issues created by dumpster trucks and years of flooding have the road down to gravel and pitting. Recently our resident fell and thank goodness wasn't injured.