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  • Potholes Archived
    1101 Eighth Street Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    hazardous potholes at the South edge of University Village on 8th St. A bicyclist could go down and be seriously injured. please fix asap, thanks
  • 933 Embarcadero Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    glass on bike lane just North of homewood suites on embarcadero
  • 405 Kains Ave Albany, CA 94706, USA - Albany
    this segment of Kains Avenue has not been maintained by Albany or El Cerrito, but it's been ignored by both cities. The pavement is rutted and potholed, and is particularly dangerous when on a bike coming from BART at night. Can someone please have this asap before someone goes flying and gets injured? thanks.
  • 1257 Washington Ave Albany, CA 94706, USA - Albany
    Washington Ave is a Bicycle Blvd yet for many blocks near the greenway is is hazardous and close to unrideable. I often hop onto the sidewalk, which is illegal and unadvisable.
    this has been reported before but is onlay getting worse. please repair this Bicycle Blvd so people can ride on it safely. thanks so much.
  • 1442 Hopkins Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    hi there. the road on Hopkins between Sacramento and Gilman is just terrible, all pitted in both directions. the southern part of Gilman is horrible , too. this is an important bike route and riding, especially at night (poorly lit) is really hazardous. try riding from Monterey Market or North Berkeley BART to Albany and northward and you'll see. there's really no decent place to ride and not get jarred all over. please repair this entire stretch , as it's still awful on a major bike route.
    The website only allows me to upload one photo but the whole stretch is just like in that photo, even after you turn onto Gilman.
    thanks for your attention.
  • San Francisco Bay Trail Richmond, California - Richmond
    please remove and fill hole before someone falls and hurts him/herself
  • 1463 Hopkins Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Hopkins between Sacramento and Gilman has a terrible road surface in both directions, full of cracks and potholes. This is problematic because it's a highly trafficked bike route. it's also busy with cars, and toward the edges of the street is pretty unrideable, especially at night when you can't see every crack and pothole.
    I hope you can fix this as soon as possible. thanks
  • Pothole Archived
    1614 Milvia Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
  • Pothole Archived
    1642-1698 Milvia Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    pothole and bad pavement on milvia bike Blvd
  • 6811 Fairmount Avenue El Cerrito, California - El Cerrito (Contra Costa County)
    there has been glass in this intersection at least since Friday. I saw it Friday when I was rushing to catch BART, saw a fireman and told him, and he promised he would report it. no one has cleaned it up yet and I hope no cyclists have gotten flats. Thanks in advance for taking care of this hazard.
  • 1275 Ohlone Greenway Albany, California - Albany
    sprinkler on for at least 2 days!!!?
  • San Pablo Avenue & 28th Street Northbound - San Pablo
    Last night my friend and I were riding our bikes home northbound when she crashed. We found that the traffic counter had come detached and her bike tire got caught on it, sending her tumbling to the pavement . Luckily there wasn't a car right behind her so all she has is bruises from hitting the tarmac.
    I moved the tube part out of the way but it was still attached to the road.
    Please fix this asap so no one else crashes, with worse consequences.
  • Pothole Archived
    Forest St Off Shafter - Shafter
    Hi there. This is one of the teeth-chattering potholes on Forest St, a bike route. It's just off Shafter, but there are many holes between College and Claremont, near the BART station.
    Thanks for your attention.