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Gerald Berke

Rank: Digital Superhero Civic Points: 1,585
  • Maiden Lane kingston, NY - Kingston
    Maiden Ln is being repaved, which would be a good time to establish slow driving on the street, especially at the Academy Green. In one direction, traffic enters from a sop sign... there is a problem however: traffic entering from Albany Avenue has a sloping entrance that encourages speed, and enter Albany, that same curve and a Yield sign, often treated as a Merge: it should be a stop. It crosses a 5 lane wide pedestrian crossing, pedestrians encountering speed from both directions...
    1) that Yield should be a Stop
    2) the traffic entrances should be squared off for safety, both for the drivers and pedestrians... drivers are encouraged to keep up speed and attempt to merge, drawing their attention over their left shoulder, away from the pedestrian crossing, and away from the parked cars and pedestrians along Maiden Lane. Attention, please: Mike Schupp, DPW. Contact me directly if you wish.
  • City Hall Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
    Here is a link to the names and contact information for your alderman. and on the same page is a link to a map of all the wards in Kingston.
    Click on this, bookmark it. Make sure you have it and it works.